About The North-Eastern Chronicle

The North-Eastern Chronicle is a registered media/news publishing house, hereafter called the Community or the House, headquartered at Guwahati. It is administered through an online community of like-minded literature and social enthusiasts working towards providing a platform for amateur and skilled individuals to get their skills and abilities put into use. At present, it operates in English and Assamese literature and over Facebook, Instagram and the website itself which acts as a de-facto electronic magazine.



Here’s what we are doing –

Today we’re making it easier to report plagiarism, and if many members report a content, then we’ll send it to third-party content checking tool. If the fact checkers agree a composition is plagiarised, no one will be able to make a disputed composition into an article or promote it on our platform. We’ve also found that if people who read an article are significantly less likely to share it than people who just read the headline, that may be a sign it’s misleading. We’re going to start incorporating this signal into content ranking. This is just one of many steps we’ll make to keep improving the quality of our service. Our ultimate vision is to develop a platform where the authentication and validation of the NEWS and information will be for you to decide. And the Team is relentlessly working towards the same.

The North-Eastern Chronicle is also the parent brand to various startups, communities and businesses. The Workforce is diversified and spread all over the nation. With an integrated single domain workforce of 350+ individuals and 20+ campus ambassadors, The North-Eastern Chronicle is pacing its operations. Learn more about the communities, startups and businesses we own and run –


The Brandolf CREATIVE serves 360 degree Creative, Marketing and Technical Services to businesses and institutions.Brandolf CREATIVE is here to provide you marketing, creative and technical services which suits your needs and requirements.

A peek into some of the services that we would be offering –


1. Enterprise Management Solutions
2. Back Office Solutions
3. Cloud Services
4. Complete Web Management Solutions
5. Tailor stitching contents
6. Developing the right contents for the right target audience
7. Manually targeting audience with customised contents
8. Sponsorship Budgeting
9. Manage Events
10.Digital Degins
11. Organically promote your subject matter
12. Submissions and Query Management System
13. Help Desk Setup
14. Customer / Audience Relationship Management System
15. Accounts Book and Auditing
16. Social Media Management

17. Copy-writing
18. Brand Endorsements
19. Events Planning
20. 360 Degree Marketing and Promotional Campaigning
21. Posters, Banners, Pamphlets and Logo Designing
22. Public Relationship Management System in 5 different languages.
23. Photography Services
24. Brand and Portfolio Management
25. Print and Visual Content Management
26. Run campaigns which yields results and not just figures
27. Database Management System
28. Networking
29. Recruitment and Placement Cells
30. Internship Cells
31. Website Designing
32. Hosting and Mail Services

We would ensure that your penny is not wasted on some superficial marketing technique which sounds sophisticated which you have never heard of before. Speak to us and we shall ensure that your product/service is marketed in the best possible ways.

DUSKinks Production

DUSKinks Productions, a brand powered by The North-Eastern Chronicle’ is a project carried forward with the core motive of publishing uncensored and unadulterated content. We believe that talent, creativity, art and literature cannot be arbitrated. These things are meant to be set free and their very best form of existence is in the form they dwell in i.e. their nature state; purely untouched and unfiltered. We are merely a platform which focuses on bringing together all the creative and talented minds who believe in themselves. Also we do not want to define ourselves to certain sectors of visual publication. We publish everything which holds value, talent and creativity.

We are here to provide you a platform. A platform which won’t censor your content or make presentable changes to the same. We do not decide the target viewership neither do we decide the type of content we need to serve to different set of audiences. Our task is to deliver and we have decided to stick onto our core logic in the near future for an indefinite period of time.


They say don’t judge a book by its cover but then the world has viewed, read and absorbed too much of adulterated content and so we ask you to judge a content by its cover. We offer you freshly created content in boxes which look great.

We market and gross your film and its one and only you or your team who creates the content. We don’t have a say on it. In either way the best contents are those for which no limits or parameters has been set. We don’t decide your content neither we arbitrate your ideology or content value. We are more of marketers and developers. We ensure that your talent and creativity is viewable all around the globe.

Auth [Ne] tic - The Bilingual E-Mag Project


Auth[nE]tic is an independent brand in development and operating under the banner of The North-Eastern Chronicle divested in its efforts to become a premier bi-lingual electronic magazine and represent the region in its entirety by providing a clear and unadulterated view on things that concern in on the region. The E-magazine is to be launched tentatively in August.


The Writer’s Nest

The Writer’s Nest is an independent brand operating under the banner of The North-Eastern Chronicle with the vision to promote micro-fiction and poetry in the region by providing a platform to the amateur writers of the region practicing the above genre. It has an amassed readership of about 15.2K over Instagram and Facebook (as of June, 2017) and has collaborated with prominent and global brands such as Tinder, YourDost, G Plus and authors of the like SudeepNagarkarand thereby, promoting their work through micro-fiction developed in the region apart from organising competitions and workshops in line with its effort to make the vision a reality. The Writer’s Nest or basically known as twn is also the first in the entire North-Eastern India to have developed an unique yet significant marketing tool.


The Assamica Community

গোষ্ঠীৰ অধীনত স্বাধীন ভাৱে কাৰ্যক্ষম The Writer’s Nest এনে এক প্ৰকল্প যি উত্তৰ-পূবত কবিতা আৰু অণু-গল্প চৰ্চাৰ এক উৎসাহজনক পৰিৱেশ সৃষ্টি কৰি আগ্ৰহীন-লেখাৰু সকলক প্ৰতিভাবিকাশৰ এখন মঞ্চ প্ৰদান কৰাৰ যত্ন কৰিছে। জনপ্ৰিয় সামাজিক মাধ্যম Instagram আৰু Facebook ত ক্রমে ১১.২ হাজাৰ আৰু ৪.৬ হাজাৰ (জুন, ২০১৭লৈকে) পঢ়ুৱৈৰসৈতে The Writer’s Nest একমসময়ৰ ভিতৰতে জনসমাদৃত হ’বলৈ সক্ষম হৈছে। তদুপৰি জনপ্ৰিয় ব্ৰেণ্ড যেনে Tinder, YourDost, EEIN তথা নৱপ্ৰজন্মৰ সফললেখক সুদীপনাগৰকাৰ, অৰবিন্দপৰাশৰ ইত্যাদিৰ সৈতে বানিজ্যিক সহযোগিতা; লগতে বিভিন্ন সৃষ্টিশীল প্ৰতিযোগিতা আৰু কৰ্মশালাৰ যোগেদি প্ৰকল্পটোৰ বীক্ষণক বাস্তৱায়িত কৰাৰ প্ৰচেষ্টা অব্যাহত ৰাখিছে।