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Guwahati, 28th June 2017: [ twn | SOCIAL ] was one of a kind event and was loved by the youth of the city. The event had various sessions from tales writing to motivation and startup culture to slam poetry. Inspire Papa debuted its operation and successfully motivated the crowd at the event. The crowd turned out to be 200+ in figures. There were many who had to return back because of the unavailability of passes. The crowd and those who missed this event are hopeful that The North-Eastern Chronicle would come up with more such events in the future. Here are some of the snaps from the event and the team is vigorously working out towards the rolling out of the next event.

Guwahati, 21st, 22nd and 23rd July 2017: [ twn | SOCIAL ] 2. Recently, The Writer’s Nest community conducted the second ever tales writing workshop in the region and going by their immense popularity amongst the youth, they weren’t surprised by a footfall of over 500 people. Led by Mahasweta Sharma and Neil Goswami, this workshop was conducted followed by a three-day event from the 21st to 23rd of this month. The workshop comprised of three main sessions i.e. lectures on tales writing, motivational talks and introduction to entrepreneurship.

The key emphasis during the session was laid on the key techniques and construction of a Microfiction – the beginning, the middle and the end. Simpler the words, the more everlasting could be the impact.  Apart from these, the challenges and the usages of writing a good piece of the tiny tale were also discussed. Not only that, the need of experimenting with the art to contribute to its development was also explained. The participants were encouraged to come up with tales during the workshop and lecture ended with the outlining of the scope of Microfiction as an important marketing tool in the contemporary times.

This was followed by a motivational session, spearheaded by Kaushik Khanikar from InspirePapa. This startup builds a platform to bring together motivational speakers from the region under one roof. There were talks of how to pull oneself through the troubling times while never losing hopes and the belief in one’s dreams. The next session, led by Anamika Das and Rishi Ghosh from Startup0.7, had the introduction to the elements of startup culture, with the aim to promote entrepreneurship and women empowerment in the region. The active participation was awarded goodies and merchandise by Tinder and RedBull.

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