An Evening with the Curators of ‘Framed Souvenirs – Edition 4’ / The North-Eastern Chronicle

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September 26, 2018
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An Evening with the Curators of ‘Framed Souvenirs – Edition 4’ / The North-Eastern Chronicle

Framed Souvenirs – Edition 4: An artist is not to be taken for granted, more so his artistry. And framing this very artistry is no less than magic when three like minded artists, each experts in breaking their own limits, and going beyond the threshold of what they hold dearest to their heart- the camera, form a platform to give us insights into their imagination of storytelling through photographs.

This is in appraisal of the men behind the lens and how they’ve been weaving their creativity into showcasing the many shades of life be it portrait, travel, street life, abstracts, photojournalism, landscape, or nature.

FRAMED SOUVENIRS is here with their 4th edition, this time more spacious, more welcoming, and with more stories framed and compiled by 78 other artists alongside the trio of curators- Arpan Kalita, Himadri Bhuyan, and Manabendra Choudhury. Look through their lens and rediscover yourself in the souls of those framed souvenirs.

Interaction with the curators:

Tell us about Framed Souvenirs (F.S.).

Himadri Bhuyan: F.S. is an exhibition that we three (Arpan, Manabendra, and I) started back in 2015 in remembrance of what we captured during our travel, each with our very own style of portraying a scenery. The idea was to show people photographs the way we visualise it and hence we thought of framing these and exhibiting. We wanted to bring together and inspire general people to admire art in its very raw form and also those artists out there who think they aren’t at par with us. This exhibition was also brought up to guide the amateurs and bring about a change in the practice of misusing photography skills.

There have been rumours of skipping F.S. this year. How true is it?

Arpan Kalita: The last three editions were group exhibitions of us three alone with about 20 images each which would total up to a decent number. This year, however, we wanted to take a break. Also our third partner, Manabendra Da (Manabendra Choudhury) haven’t had much time to travel. But there were people, people like you (chuckling), who have been to our previous exhibitions, and come to like it. Now, I am thinking hadn’t we put up this exhibition, what a disappointment it’d have been. These people are constantly encouraging us to do more. To challenge ourselves. So yeah, we are here again with our fourth edition.

How different is this year from the previous years?

Himadri Bhuyan: See, as Arpan said, we didn’t have much to travel. I personally am known to break patterns; the first year was all about black and white, the second all coloured. This time, I thought of taking a break. But in the past years, there have been photographers who wanted to exhibit alongside us. Given the circumstances, we discussed and decided to give this year’s platform to those in need. Because with one mind, I can only create one idea, but 50 different minds can make out 50 different perspectives of the same. So, we called in for submissions. We got an overwhelming response of approximately 170 photographers submitting about 900 images. From that, the total was cut down to 78 artists contributing 128 images in all. And mind you, the collections that have come in are just breathtaking! On the downside however, you can only see one frame each of the three of us in some corner. Just you wait, we are gearing up for next year! (Laughing)

Is this exhibition dedicated to someone?

Himadri Bhuyan: Well, yes! Around 3 months back, we lost a very important person in the field of photography, Mr. Jayanta Dutta. So we three decided to dedicate this year’s F.S edition to pay homage to his departed soul. Infact, we have also put up two of his images for exhibition.

Are there any expectations from this exhibition?

Arpan Kalita: Firstly, we’d be more than happy if we had as many visitors as we could. There shall be no qualms whatsoever. More the visitors, more encouragement for us and our fellow contributors as well as the budding artists. Secondly, even if this is an assumption, probably 2-3 years later, a similar exhibition shall be held where another trio would replace us and take the lead of this huge a task of inspiring artists of North-east India.

What shall be done to the frames after exhibition?

Himadri Bhuyan: The exhibition is open for sale. People can contact us or the contributing photographers for the same. The ones that remain unsold shall be returned to the contributors, and then it’s at their disposal whether they want to sell or exhibit at any other event.

Any last words?

Arpan Kalita: Surely, we wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to broadcast our event, would we Himadri? (Exchanging laughs) Hello people! This is Arpan Kalita, one of the curators of F.S., inviting you all to the fourth edition of the same being held at Gauhati Artists’ Guild from 14-16 November. This year it’s bigger, better and with mind-blowing collections! Snack packages and tea are also up for grabs! Do come and encourage us, support us with our cause. We’ll definitely have a good time over here!

Covered and curated by Reshmin Sultana, The North-Eastern Chronicle.

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