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3D Printing Beef in Lab: What if you can actually eat beef without killing a cow?

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As we all know, eating beef in India is not an easy deal. But what if you actually can find a way to eat beef without killing cows and experience the same taste? 

It sounds unreal, but a lab-grown beef without killing cattle is a good option. The Osaka University research team managed to develop world-renowned ‘Wagyu’ beef using cow stem cells and culturing the meat in their lab. 

As per the sources, they followed 3D printing in order to get unique layers of beef, resembling the expensive meat of  Japan.

3D Printing Beef in process


This is actually a kind of cultured meat. Instead of cutting from an animal’s body, the meat is processed in a lab using stem cells, including bovine satellite cells and adipose-derived stem cells from the animal’s body fat.

Then the cells were being cultured in the lab with all favorable conditions, and both the cells were manipulated to grow into every type of cell required to produce cultured meat. Scientists made it possible with the help of created individual fibers, bioprinting, muscle fat, and blood vessels. 

The arrangements were later made in a 3D structure following the normal structure of recreating the unreal Wagyu meat. They were cut later in a perpendicular manner. 

The method of 3D printing cells to get the layers made like Wagyu meat is surely the first of its kind, while cultured meat is not a unique concept. 

Statements by the scientists

“Using the histological structure of Wagyu beef as a blueprint, we have developed a 3D printing method that can produce tailor-made complex structures, like muscle fibres, fat and blood vessels,” explained Dr. Dong-hee Kang.

“By improving this technology, it will be possible to not only reproduce complex meat structures, such as the beautiful sashi of Wagyu beef, but to also make subtle adjustments to the fat and muscle components,” said Michiya Matsusaki, senior author of the Nature Communications study.

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