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5 Best Work From Home Internship Programs In Assam To Improve Skills

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We all know Internship are work experience programs where a participant or intern gains experience working in a professional environment. Since the Covid pandemic took over, online Internships are becoming very popular especially among college students, where they can get knowledge remotely by being physically present at the job location.

An internship is the best way to put classroom knowledge to practice. By doing an internship, one can gain experience, learn new skills, and add value to their career. So if you’re looking for such an Internship here are our 5 top Work From Home Internship Programs from Assam.

Sales And Marketing Intern

This is an exciting program for those who want to build a successful career in sales & marketing. Many organizations are using their potential in sectors like retail/luxury retail, food, travel & hospitality, automobiles, financial services retail/luxuries, etc. Experience in sales or marketing roles in these sectors is a big plus.

All you need is a call, and pitch to marketing departments of major companies across sectors. Assist in onboarding clients, educate them about software features, etc. This will surely benefit one practical experience in interacting with marketing heads of major companies.

Content Writing Internship

There are some e-commerce startups, looking for content writers operating at Guwahati. Here one can create content for their web startups, write blog posts & articles, do Social Media Marketing, etc.

So if you’re one of those who have an interest in content writing and looking for a professional workplace or wanted to work for startups this is the place for you, try their Internship program and improve your skills.

Freelance Illustrator

If you are looking for a role as an illustrator and have an interest in illustration then several organizations are looking for such illustrators who need a part-time Assistant illustrator. All you need is having a bit of knowledge in technical stuff.

So if you are someone who can to have o of different styles of art and want to work in independently and is self-motivated. Fast and efficient and quick to respond. And for freshers independent potential organization that is looking for such applicants, so what you are waiting,g to apply and improve your organization’s Illusistor.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing is probably one of the most rising career options that most of us from the younger generation looking out for and why not? It is a world of Social media and the Internet and marketing through digital platforms is an uprising career. There are some Organisation that looks out for such Digital media enthusiast who wants to learn and upgrade their skills.

Dedicated coaches will connect you with opportunities and guide you before as well as after hiring, ensuring global exposure and learnings for projects. This can be best for one interested in this field, sit at your comfort from your living room’s couch, and set uncertainty of opportunities in the field of Digital media.

All you need is skills such as Content Optimization (Generating decisions, scaling up campaigns, etc). Knowledge in Gis google search, shopping, discovery, Microsoft search, Youtube, and app install campaign, etc.

Journalism in Digital media Organisations

As we know Media is the 4th pillar of democracy, then Digital media can be called the 5th pillar. In the rising world of the Internet delivery of news has become much faster and easily accessible to mass audiences in a very quick, responsive way.

Digital media has diversified the field of Journalism where audiences participate in the diversifying field. So if you want to learn and explore more about the field of Journalism this is a must for any students for Mass Communication & journalism. This can help one to learn more about media ethics and how to work in a fast pace environment where now and then something or the other is happening around. All you need is good skills for becoming a journalist and an eye for great news content.

Here are our few Internship program suggestions that anyone can opt for to work on their skills. In today’s world, there are many aspects to survive. The variety of skills you have the more chances you get a good job or start your own company and become an entrepreneur. Improving someone’s skills and knowledge working as in any startup is the best platform and what could be better when you can work from home doing all your other work and still managing time to learn something new.


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