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5 places to visit in Guwahati to beat the summer heat! Read to know


Visual by: Pallab Neog

Article by: Sneha Purkayastha

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For past couple of days, Guwahati witnessed scorching heat with temperature above 32°C making it unbearable for the people. To aggravate the situation is the rise in the level of humidity. Stepping out can be a real challenge but who stops an adventurous soul??
Here are some places you can visit in Guwahati to chill and relax.

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The Lonely Tree

Credits: Gautam Das

The name probably came from the view displaying a tree standing amidst the bed of rocks facing the mighty Brahmaputra river. Contrary to its name, gentle breeze and serene landscape will accompany you to this place. Situated in the Tamulbari road in the Barchapari area, visit this place and befriend the lonely tree for a day.

Amsing Waterfall


Located in the Amsing N.C. area the highlight of this place is its waterfall and who doesn’t love waterfalls!? The name itself excites us. Spending some time in this secluded area can be a comfort in this sweltering heat.

Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist Monastery Guwahati The North-Eastern Chronicle

North- Guwahatians we have something for you as well. Buddhist monastery is also known as ‘ Assam Buddha Vihar’, this place is situated in the Silamahekheity in Amingaon, North Guwahati. This lesser-known place can be traced because of the Buddha Statue standing on top of the hill. The tranquility this place offers is beyond explanation.

Vogoboti Hill

Credits: Manash Jyoti Sharma(Google)

The breathtaking view this hilltop provides is commendable. From the top largely stretched cultivable land can be seen with the Brahmaputra river flowing alongside. Situated in the Chandrapur Bagicha area, this place is ideal for trek. Surrounded by bountiful greenery this place deserves a mention.

Bonda Waterfall

Credits: Bibhas Bhunia

Well, one destination with a waterfall isn’t enough, adding another one in the list. Locally known as Bonda Waterfall, this place is located in the Missamari N.C. area in Bonda, Assam.

One of the main attraction is that the waterfall flows inside the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary. The area is surrounded by tall trees and bushes leading to a short trail towards the site of the waterfall. Away from the chaos, this place is surely a rescue to explore and relax.

The lustrous greenery, untamed streams and sunny day can provide an indescribable beauty in the eyes of the beholder. The mild breeze, rocky terrain can add up the vivid experience.

These were some places you can visit to beat the heat this summer. As Robert Frost wrote in his infamous poem The Road Not Taken, ” Two roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the one less travelled by.” The rest of the space in the list is left for you to fill and add more unexplored and lesser-known treasures. So, keep exploring!

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