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5 reasons why Real books are better than E-books! Read to know more


Article by: Plabita Chakraborty, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

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For a reader who loves to read and write, We guess they will generally prefer to read and gain knowledge from the real books, as it gives a great sense of joy.

Although in the present generation, where everything is online and every source is based on pdf, and what not! Deep down everyone feels a great empathy in real books. Now let’s take a look at the glance why real books are better than e-books.

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E-books are tiring to read, due to which real books are much better than anything else

Real books

Staring at the screen for a very long time can be tiring as well as frustrating. It can also affect the eyes and the brain. Digital reading requires higher cognitive workload than reading on paper.

It can also disrupt sleep patterns. So, there are many effects which e-book can cause to a person if they indulge more time to it. It is always advised to take required break and time management.

Overall in such cases real books are much better and effective as there are no such drawbacks, and are easier to read and understand.

It is much easier to review notes for real books, than e-books

From our point of view, it is always easier to read and understand things if we prepare notes and can thoroughly review it. It can be only possible in case of real books as e-books are not that convenient to have a thorough reading of the notes.

E-books are clustered in files which are very time consuming to find and review it. In case of physical books, when we want to review the notes, it always gets easy to crack open the physical book and feel the annotations that are made.

One can write in margins, on sticky notes, or the entire sheets of paper, according to their wish.

Going to libraries and bookstores exposes the person to new books

Going to bookstores and libraries always exposes the person to have an amazing experience and make a self improvement. There are still many who in this digital world also loves to expose themselves in the world of physical books and they have a great pleasure of reading.

There are many cafes also made with books and novels corner, so that a person who loves to read can feel happy and cozy in that corner with a cup of coffee. We feel that is utter joy, truly. Bookstores, however promote learning and intellectual experience.

The smell of old books can only be felt by a true reader and builds emotional connection

Who doesn’t love to smell their old books. It is a delight to go through the old books which carries loads and loads of memories. No one raves about the e-book smell like; they do about their ‘old book smell’.

Not only that, it builds an emotional connection to the person-to-object relation, lending more realness to the characters and stories. The effect is that eBooks enable emotional connectivity where e-books do not. We wonder if anyone cries reading an e-Book?

E-books are hard to absorb and you tend to remember less about a book’s timeline!

E-books are definitely hard to absorb. We specially find very much trouble to remember and absorb things from e-book.

And in studies also it is proven that, people tend to remember more from physical books than e-books, whereas in some cases there might be people who are vice-versa.

Reading from physical books offer stability, one can provide bookmarks and many more, whereas in case of e-book it is not that much convenient.

However, from the above points it is understood how the physical books are much more convenient and easy to understand and are better in all perspective than the e-books.

A book lover will always tilt towards physical books rather than e-books as it gives them a sense of utter peace and joy. Readers absorb more and also tend to remember acutely more of the plot than readers of e-books does.

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