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5 Spine-Tingling Urban Legends that will keep you awake at night

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Ghost-less ghost stories, urban legends, and modern-day fairytales have been part of our culture and society for ages. We all have come across quite a few of the folklore in our lifetimes, and some might even have their own experiences.

Urban Legends are generally surrounded by mysterious killings, disappearances, unnatural happenings, and mythology. While most of the urban legends are often circulated orally, they can be spread by any media. 

So, while we’re into the topic of spooky killings, mysterious perils, let’s go through some of the stories.

1. The Halloween massacre

Urban Legends

The Halloween massacre is one of the most famous college myths of all time. It is not certain how and when it actually started, but it has made its way into most American universities.

For decades now, it has created panic and fear among thousands of students (and possibly even a few professors as well). The legend goes that a popular psychic has made a prediction that on a Halloween night a masked man (in some variations, he is dressed as Little Bo Peep) will enter the campus of a university that starts with the letter ‘M’ or ‘W’ and is located near a pond/lake/river, railroad track, or cemetery.

He will then kill everybody there. This story has existed for many years now, but no massacre has happened yet.

However, students from all around the country still fear it, especially at colleges such as the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Wisconsin.

2. Delhi’s infamous Monkey Man

Delhis infamous Monkey Man Urban The North-Eastern Chronicle

Credited for giving sleepless nights to scores of Delhi residents circa 2001, Monkey Man was known to be a hairy creature that attacked the residents sleeping in the open at night.

Jumping from one building to another, it could probably give Spiderman a run for its money as no one really knows who, or rather, what it actually was.

However, reports of people getting scratched and falling off their buildings after the beastly encounter instigated a sense of fear in the city.

3. Morgan House, West Bengal

Morgan House West Bengal Urban The North-Eastern Chronicle

Morgan House is a West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation run British colonial mansion in Kalimpong. The present-day heritage boutique hotel draws a large number of tourists with its beauty and adds to that the hotel’s location—Mount Kanchenjunga in plain view.

The beautiful wood and stone structure once saw many elegant parties, but in later years it earned the status of a haunted hotel. According to the stories, the spirit of Lady Morgan never left Morgan House.

From its timeless interior to the beautiful exterior of ivy-covered walls, everything is exquisite about Morgan House. However, the story is inconclusive. But one thing is for sure, it brings out that desire to experience Morgan House’s timeless beauty and charm. 

4. Mystery of Malcha Mahal

Mystery of Malcha Mahal Urban The North-Eastern Chronicle

Behind the wild grasses in the ridge area outside Delhi lies Malcha Mahal which was built by Nawab Wajid Ali of Oudh.

His great-granddaughter was embroiled in a legal battle with the Indian government after the British had seized the property several decades ago.

She was finally granted custody of the property and moved there with her two children. She later committed suicide and left her children with a legacy of treasure, some dogs, and the property which was once a hunting lodge for her ancestors. 

It is believed that the descendants of Nawab Wajid Ali still live there having secluded themselves from the outside world with no modern amenities.

There is a huge sign stating that all trespassers will be gunned down or have hounds set on them. 

The guards of the nearby Earth Centre and forest officials have reported journalists sneaking into the premises, never to return again.

5. Nale Ba Day

Nale Ba Day Urban The North-Eastern Chronicle

In the ’90s, Bangalore was abuzz with rumors of a witch walking the streets in the dead of the night, knocking on doors, and calling out to victims in the voice of their mother.

If the door was answered, the person would die. The solution, write “Nale ba” on the door which means come tomorrow, this meant the witch would return the next day, see the sign, and the cycle would continue.

Well, these are 5 spooky urban legends that have been going around all this time.


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