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Once Afghan Minister works now as pizza delivery guy in Germany; know his story

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Fearing the Taliban’s bloody agenda in Afghanistan, former Afghan minister Syed Ahmed Shah Sadat had left the country in 2020 fearing the cruelty of the Taliban regime. He was a Communications Minister in Afghanistan and is now living in Leipzig city of Germany and working as a pizza delivery guy. 

The photos of Syed Ahmad Sadat have gone viral over social media. The photos were posted on Twitter by Al Jazeera Arabia recently. 

Why did the Minister leave his ministry?


Syed Ahmed Sadat joined Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet in 2018, but they had differences which led him to resign from the post in 2020. He subsequently left Afghanistan and went to Germany.

What does the minister has to say regarding this?

According to Sky News, the minister is now working as a food delivery professional for German company Livrando after his money ran out. He further said that his story will work as a “catalyst” to change the way of living followed by high-ranking people in Asia and the Arab world.

Regarding the crisis situation of Afghanistan, Sadat told Sky News that he never expected the government of Afghanistan would fall so quickly.

Brief about Syed Ahmed Shadat

Sadat holds two master’s degrees in communications and electronic engineering from Oxford University. For 23 years he worked in the field of communications with more than 20 companies, in 13 countries. Some of them are Saudi Arabia, for Aramco and the Saudi Telecom Company.

Sadat also served as CEO of Ariana Telecom in London from 2016 until 2017. He also worked as technical advisor to Afghanistan’s communication and information technology ministry from 2005 to 2013.

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