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Watch: Afghan women raise their voice; takes to streets as they protest against Taliban restrictions

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Balkh province‘s women were spotted on the street on September 6. In addition to protesting against the Taliban, they demanded basic rights, including education and job, for themselves and their children. 

Numerous Afghan women took part in a rally in Kabul on Tuesday, singing slogans against Pakistan and showing solidarity for rebels in the final portion of Afghanistan that is still fighting Taliban rule.

Videos of protests posted online; young women protestors speak 

Watch the Video here:

Online video shows demonstrators holding signs that read “#SanctionPakistan” and “#StandWithPanjshir” near the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. There was also a video of Taliban fighters firing into the air to disperse protesters on a street between the Iranian and Turkish Embassies, according to the Associated Press. 

After the Taliban announced women would not be allowed to hold important posts in Afghanistan’s new government, Arezo, a young woman from Kabul, came to the streets to protest and said,” We resolved that we would demonstrate for our basic rights: the right of education as well as work and political involvement. Our goal is to let the Taliban know that they can’t take us out of society.” 

“To find out why Pakistan is destroying Panjshir, I’ve come here today. I’m originally from Panjshir, and I’m a freelance writer “told a reporter on the scene in Kabul “Women and men must voice their displeasure and not remain mute.” 

From Herat, women’s protests have expanded; the Taliban claim to have captured Panjshir 

As of September 2nd, protests by Afghan women over Taliban restrictions have moved to Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. 

100 women marched in front of the presidential palace – now the Taliban command center in Kabul – on September 4, holding banners and singing for an equitable society. 

The Taliban announced on Monday that they had taken Panjshir. However, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA) rejected the Taliban’s claim that Panjshir had been taken by their fighters on Monday. CNN could not independently corroborate Taliban allegations or Resistance denials. 

Leader of the National Resistance Front Ahmad Massoud called for a general uprising against the Taliban later Monday.

Taliban retaliates violently; need to maintain peace 

As a result of these protests, Taliban security forces retaliated severely. At least ten ladies were beaten in Kabul after they were stopped. It was reported that four of the Taliban’s fighters who thrashed the protestors had been arrested. 

“When I saw that they were seriously hitting one of the participants, I tried to help, but the Taliban soldier hit me with a metal item, and I fainted,” Nargis, who was among those beaten, claimed. Only two more women were on the ground, and they were still being beaten.” 

According to international human rights legislation, Taliban authorities are required to protect and uphold the right of everyone to peacefully protest. Afghanistan’s Taliban regime should be pressed to guarantee freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. 

A lot is riding on the Taliban showing that they’re willing to accommodate diverse communities, tolerate dissent, and respect fundamental rights for women, including the right to work and to participate fully in political life including public office, as governments evaluate their relationship with them in the coming weeks.

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