Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Afghanistan under new regime: Taliban defaces women pictures outside salon; pictures goes viral

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In Afghanistan, after the Taliba’s new regime’s fighters took charge, the images of women have been covered up or vandalized with spray outside salons and stores around Kabul


How are the images of women vandalized?

As the Taliban started ruling the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, the stores began whitewashing its outdoor walls and posters to cover up advertisements showing the faces of women with make-up and designer dresses. 

salon Afghanistan The North-Eastern Chronicle

Another locked salon had vandalized the faces on its walls with black spray paint to hide the faces of its models, as a Taliban fighter patrolled the street outside with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder on August 17th.

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Taliban’s rule during 1996-2001

During its control from 1996 to 2001, the Taliban forbade girls from attending school, forbade women from working in close proximity to men, and accused women of adultery. Women were killed by stoning publicly. 

What did the Taliban say after taking charge?

While speaking to Britain’s Sky News, a spokesman for the group said that women in Afghanistan would not be required to wear the all-covering burqa — though he did not say anything about what attire they should wear. 

Suhail Shaheen also said the group would permit women to study at universities.

Another representative said the Taliban were “committed to letting women work in accordance with the principles of Islam.”

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