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Age is not a barrier to be a Woman Entrepreneur, proves Mrs. Bindiya

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The term Women Empowerment is used widely nowadays. And this special term has been getting a variety of definitions with every passing of generation. But what is actually Women Empowerment in its truest sense?

Women Empowerment is the process of empowering women. It is about accepting Women who are on the outside of the decision making process. Empowerment creates power in individuals over their own lives, society and in the community they live in. Women are empowered if they have an access to opportunities without any kind of limitations or restrictions on them.

No matter how many theories we come up with, about Women Empowerment, it’s only the true stories that will make the difference in the society and encourage women.

Today’s story is about a Guwahati based woman, Mrs Bindiya Agarwalla, a mother of two, a wife and a regular home maker who proves that there is no right time or age to start your own business. Mrs Bindiya Agarwalla is now the owner of first exclusive Tupperware store in Assam.

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As a child, Mrs Bindiya grew up around the green lushes of Khumtai Tea estate in Golaghat, Assam. She had a normal childhood growing up in the Tea estate. She got married just like any regular girl in Indian society. One of the thing that worked best in her married life was that she travelled a lot as her husband is a government serviceman who had to transfer from place to place for work purposes. This made her understand the consumer needs of daily life in and around Assam. Mrs Agarwalla, in the first part of her married life focused more on the upbringing of her children and had no intention of starting anything of her own. As years passed, and her children grew up to be adults, Mrs Agarwalla finally wanted to live her dream of starting something of her own after her years of service towards family as a typical Indian Woman.

Consulting about her wants to her family and with their constant support, Mrs Bindiya Agarwalla finally came across Tupperware who wanted to open their retail outlet in Guwahati. This grabbed the interest of Mrs Agarwalla as Tupperware is a brand she has been knowing closely about and their products in the market. As a homemaker, Tupperware has been a brand that won her trust in the long run. Plus the handling of its products was best known to her. This made her keen to learn and know more about Tupperware and eventually the idea materialised. Finally, Mrs Bindiya Agarwalla came up with the first exclusive Tupperware store in Assam of her own.

What can be more inspiring than the story of Mrs Bindiya Agarwalla in such a special occasion as Women’s Day at the doors! Let’s be a bit more supportive towards women. Let’s give the chance to the homemakers of our home, a chance to live as who she is, a chance to live for themselves.

Kudos to Mrs. Agarwalla and her family. We wish them great luck on this new venture. Godspeed.

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About Tupperware

Tupperware is an internationally renowned and loved homeware and kitchenware brand which has been present in India for over two decades. The brand entered India in the year 1996 and in less than a decade, it became a household name. With its best in class training and upskilling programmes, the brand created a network of over 1.5 million strong and confident direct seller women, who are till date driving the brand relentlessly to success. Tupperware takes pride in ‘Making in India’ since inception and has a world-class manufacturing plant in Dehradun. It is one of the most awarded brands in its category and won accolades like IDSA, Outstanding product design quality awards by Industry Forum Design, Hannover, German Design Award, Red dot Awards and more. The brand kept pace with the changing times and evolved its marketing and sales strategies to enter the retail and e-tail space in India recently. Today, Tupperware is present in close to 54 cities via a network of 84 exclusive brand stores and serves over 1000 Indian cities through its e-tail channel. Tupperware has kept its network of over 70,000 Direct Sellers intact and alive and given them opportunities to grow with the brand. To know more log on to  and explore the widest variety of homeware products at

Tupperware has always been admired and loved for its best in class product quality, design superiority, variety and functionality. Tupperware continues to strengthen its footprint in the Eastern region and has launched its first exclusive brand store located in Guwahati. With this launch, the national count of Tupperware stores reaches a figure of 84. The brand did not let COVID challenges deter its spirit and introduced interactive digital solutions like DIY kiosks, WhatsApp shopping solution, home delivery, loyalty and referral programmes to keep the consumers engaged and happy.

Marking its launch today, the Tupperware store in Guwahati is located in the city’s first ever mall, Central Mall and is spread across an area of over 380 sq. ft. This store will be run by Tupperware Manager Mrs. Bindiya. Bindiya has been associated with the brand for over a decade now. Speaking of association with Tupperware, she said, “Tupperware has always been very close to me personally, and the love that I have for the brand is ever-growing. The introduction of exclusive brand stores in Tupperware’s selling model will enable us to widen our horizon and reach out to more potential consumers. Through these stores, we can showcase the superior design, vibrant colours and demonstrability of our products- something that we are renowned for!”

Store details: Second Floor, Shop No. 311B, Central Mall, Guwahati, Assam

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