Monday, November 29, 2021

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Al Qaeda applauds Taliban for liberating Afghans

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After the hardline Islamic organization took over Kabul on Sunday, several other terrorist organizations linked to Al Qaeda also issued statements about the Taliban‘s victory in Afghanistan. The Taliban used force to occupy Kabul after expelling US troops and the Ashraf Ghani government. In a statement, AQIP congratulated the Pashtun Sunni groups on their victory and national liberation.

TIP in Western China also congratulated Taliban

Hayat Tahrir AlSham (HTS) of Syria views the Taliban as an unwavering source of inspiration. The Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) in western China also issued a statement congratulating the Taliban on the establishment of the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Taliban have joined the Taliban leadership (Bayat) and demanded to get rid of the US military, but made it clear that they will continue to attack the Pakistani military, which is the mother of the Sunni Pashtun organization in Kabul.

HTS releases statement stating “righteous victory”


HTS, which is the most powerful faction in rebel-held parts of northwest Syria, compared the Taliban’s control of much of Afghanistan with the early Muslim conquests. HTS said in a statement released late Wednesday that “no matter how long it takes, righteousness will end up victorious.” “Occupiers don’t last on usurped lands no matter how much they harm its people”.

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HTS encouraging Syrian insurgents to learn from Taliban

HTS expressed the hope that by learning from the Taliban’s experience, Syrian insurgents can also achieve victory in overthrowing the government of President Bashar al-Assad, their opponent in the country’s 10-year conflict.

“We congratulate our Taliban brothers and our people in Afghanistan for this clear conquest, and ask God to also grant the Syrian revolution victory,” it said in a statement released on its social media channels.

HTS officially severed its ties with Al Qaeda

In recent months, HTS has been working to improve its image by keeping a distance from extremist ideologies. Some of the organization’s founding members were once known as the Nusra Front, including an Arab commander who had close ties to Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

In recent years, many of them have been killed when US drones attacked Syria. HTS officially severed its ties with Al Qaeda in 2016 and also reached out to the Syrian rebel group in the northwest of the country.

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