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Sneak peek at 8th All Assam Open Taekwondo Championship

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Shemford Futuristic School in Guwahati opened its gate to Assam State Taekwondo Association (ASTA) to organize the 8th All Assam Open ITF Taekwondo Championship on Sunday, 28th November 2021. 

About the Championship

Assam 1 Assam The North-Eastern Chronicle

The 8th All Assam Open ITF Taekwondo was supposed to be organized in 2020, but Assam State Taekwondo Association was barred from it due to the pandemic. Participants from every nook and corner of the state were welcomed. 

The organizers were taken by surprise at the participants’ enthusiasm, which the pandemic could not dampen. 

The event was organized in two modes: online and offline, in observation of COVID protocols. 50 percent of the event was conducted in online mode for the participants outside the city. 

However, participants from Tezpur, Nagaon, and Morigaon were present at the event. 

One of the organizers stated the agenda behind this event – to help the children to move forward and flourish with discipline in mind, to become responsible citizens, and to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

He further stated, “A good sportsperson will become a good citizen, contributing to the country’s progress.” 

To avoid the crowd, the parents were seated on the top floor, while the children gathered on the ground floor. 

Expressing their gratitude for the North-Eastern Chronicle, the organizers hope for a fruitful year ahead. 

Parents’ views and opinions

Parents and Teachers Assam The North-Eastern Chronicle

Parents of the participants were equally excited as their children. One of the parents expressed her pride in being a mother to a taekwondo player. 

They further stated that the online mode had revolutionized the way martial art was taught. 

Earlier, nobody had comprehended that the discipline could be imparted through online mode, but the parents had lauded the efforts of the teachers. 

Along with the teachers, parents have also lauded the school for providing a fruitful environment for the children to flourish, with strict observance of COVID protocols.

The parents were satisfied with the initiative of the school and as well as the Assam State Taekwondo Association as it provided exposure and opportunities for the budding talents to showcase their skills.

They hope to see more such championships in the future to shape the young minds. 

Taekwondo: A legacy worth Remembering

Gen. Choi Hong Hi was the founder of tae kwon do that originated in Korea. He passed away on June 15 in Pyongyang, North Korea, due to stomach cancer.

Developed in the 1940s, Tae kwon do is a combination of a Korean form, taek kyon, and Japan’s karate. 

This unarmed combat is intended for self-defense, engaging both the body and mind.

Shemford Futuristic School

School Assam The North-Eastern Chronicle
Shemford Futuristic School

The fastest-growing CBSE school in Guwahati, Shemford Futuristic School was established in 2018 with more than 500 students and is located at Mahapurush Madhabdev Path, Sarusajai. 

It aims to provide an ideal environment for a child to thrive and develop in not only academics but also various disciplines, including physical activities.

The school is amidst lush green hills, away from the bustling and rush of the city, which provides a peaceful and pleasant environment for learning. 

Shemford’s sports infrastructure is one of the best in the city among the schools, with state-of-the-art facilities: swimming pool, football ground, badminton and tennis court, and, volleyball ground right at the service of the students.

The curriculum encompasses coding classes from Class VI and Vedic mathematics, with a perfect balance of traditional and modern methods of learning.



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