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Amazing: Nepali Student Shows What Mars Would Look Like If It Had Water Like Earth

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As we know about our neighbouring planet, it is barren made up of various red desserts scattered with a rather unforgivingly thin atmosphere. Definitely, no place is like Earth. But what if Mars was all blue and green like Earth instead of red and dead?

Recently, a Nepali civil-engineering student Aditya Raj Bhattarai, who is currently studying to get his bachelor’s degree from Tribhuvan University. He has created a 3D render of Mars, where instead of a red barren land, the planet is covered with 71  percent of water, just like Earth. 

The end result is a look into a world that looks a lot like our planet, just slightly larger. The 3D rendering shows two prominent land masses forming, each of which would seem to form continents. While the left side shows a dramatic, mountainous terrain that includes Olympus Mons, the right side seems to offer more flatlands that include planes like Terra Sabaea.

In a recent interview with Inverse Aditya revealed how he is one of the greatest admirers of Elon Musk, stating, “I am [a] big fan of Elon [Musk] and SpaceX and their plan to put the man on Mars, and I hope I could help in his cause. This is a part of my side project where I calculate the volume of water required to make life on Mars sustainable and the sources required for those water volumes from comets that will come nearby Mars in [the] next 100 years.” 

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