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Animal brutality: Dog beaten & killed in Kerala prompting Netizens to trend ‘#JusticeForBruno’; accused apprehended

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A disturbing video of three teenagers brutally beating a dog to death has gone viral on social media, startling internet users. Bruno, a 9-year-old labrador, was cruelly battered to death by three youngsters in Kerala’s Adimalathura on Monday. Bruno, a black Labrador, was in particular cared for by eight siblings. The event was discovered after one of the dog’s owners, Christura, came forward.

On June 28, Bruno went to the beach as usual but did not return, so a family member went to look for him and discovered the youths torturing the dog. Because he was outmanned, he did nothing but stand by and watch the barbarism. Three people were whacking the poor dog with big sticks and bats because it was attached by its neck to the hook of a boat’s fishing bait. After defeating him in a game,

Sony P, Christuraj’s sister, eventually filed a police report in connection with the incident. The three youngsters, on the other hand, arrived at the complainants’ house with iron rods and threatened them with the same fate as their beloved dog.

On June 30th, the culprits were arrested by the police. Initially, the police were hesitant to do so, but due to social media pressure and local NGOs interference, they had to act on it.

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