Another 2021 thing! Nature takes its course: Picture of King Cobra eating another cobra goes viral on Twitter


King cobra eats a spectacled cobra leaving people on the internet awed at the way the king cobra feeds on its same species. Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kasween shared the picture on Twitter which has more than 2k likes at the moment.

king cobra

Internet brings out the unknown beautiful yet scary side of nature

king cobra

Everyone has access to the internet nowadays, this exposes and answers the unknown parts of nature which can be frighteningly beautiful or just beautiful. Videos and pictures of nature are numerous and just a click away.

The latest post on Twitter by IFS officer Parveen Kasween shows a king cobra eating another cobra with the caption, “Ophiophagus Hannah. A king cobra eating a spectacled cobra. They feed on the lesser mortal.” This post has caught attention, leading to asking questions and awe at the image of the snake eating another snake.

King cobra
Representative Image

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Living up to its scientific name

The IFS officer replies to his post as he adds, “The scientific name of this king cobra is; Ophiophagus Hannah. ‘Ophiophagus’ is derived from Greek, meaning ‘snake eating and Hannah is derived from the name of tree-dwelling nymphs in Greek mythology.

So king living true to its name. The only snake which builds nests.”

Ophiophagus hannah normally restricts its diet to cold-blooded animals, particularly other snakes. Some even develop a fixed diet of a single species of snakes resulting in the refusal of any other types.


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