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Appearing for an Interview? Here are 5 skills that you need to have!


Article by: Sneha Purkayastha, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

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Everyone comes across a time in life when they have to sit for a formal interactive session with an organisation commonly known as an Interview.

Interview is an environment or an event where we present ourselves in front of concerned dignitaries, whereby we showcase the knowledge and skill we possess in front of officials or other people in general.

It is a time frame that can decide our place whether viable or not for a company or an organisation. For many inexperienced people, the mere thought of presenting themselves in an interview might be a little stressful. Are you one among them?

Purpose of Interviews

Well, wherever we apply for, one thing we constantly hear or see is – ” Candidates have to appear for an interview or personality test” but why is it so ever wondered??

Not surprising at all, we all know that in an era of better offs and a higher percentage of competitors queued up for a position to grab onto; the most prominent scale of measuring one’s capabilities, skills or knowledge is of certain tests or interviews.

It is to be very well understood that interview is a stage and interviewees are the performers who have to display every possible bit of themselves. Interviewers not just examine your academic performance but also look for certain skills like responsibility, ability to manage work and so on.

Here are 5 skills you can work on to excel in your interview

1) Punctuality


Punctuality is the virtue of life. Being punctual can take you to places. Not many people have this quality within themselves but it is to be understood that a punctual person will always be highly preferred over the person who is undisciplined and cannot manage his duties on time.

When appearing for an interview it is one of the most observed skills by the interviewers. Always try to reach the location before the given time; it allows you to have spare time to look over your presentation and while also avoid unnecessary hassles during or before the interview.

Don’t jump to the destination hastily. Punctuality is also a mark of responsibility in the eyes of interviewers as they judge whether a person will be able to cope up with the work pressures and deadlines for the concerned work in future.

Amid the Covid-19 scare, most of the interviews are held virtually so be prepared and sit in front of the screen before the allotted meeting time.

2) Professionalism

Professionalism Interview The North-Eastern Chronicle

Professionalism is the trait an interviewee must carry with themselves in an interview. Always try to carry your essential documents like CVs with you, prepare a basic idea of how you will present yourself and your achievements to the interviewers.

One most important thing to be noted here is to dress properly; formal attire is appreciated when sitting for an interview. The dress must be ironed, of subtle colours and neat.

The way you present yourself tells a lot about your personality someway. It should be also taken care of during virtual online interviews.

3) Research about the organisation

Research about the organisation Interview The North-Eastern Chronicle

Well after the soft skills one thing you must also look after is to research about the particular company or organisation.
What area of work does the company look into? What are its achievements? etc.

If the interviewer asks about what you think about the company or how well you can contribute to that company/institution you can at least provide an honest answer to it.

Try to always respond to your curiosity by gathering information for varied topics. It will always keep you at par with the learning process.

4) Body language and communication

Body language and communication Interview The North-Eastern Chronicle

Did you know that way you act, sit, respond can determine your interest??

Communication is one of the most vital factors to be taken care of while attending any interviews. A polite tone is always appreciated during interpersonal communication, especially in a formal setting.

Body language which is considered a part of non-verbal communication is an indispensable factor in determining your attitude to the words of the interviewers.

The body posture, eye movement, head movement, hand gestures and manners are minute characteristics but tells a lot about yourself. Do not sit slouched back, avoid nodding too much as it indicates impatience and negligence. Also, avoid folding your arms while interacting.

5) Confidence

Confidence in interview Interview The North-Eastern Chronicle

Due to the stress and pressure of doing well in the interviews, we may sometimes radiate signs of lack of confidence.
Confidence determines our determination, focused attitude in an interaction.

Interviewers may from moment to moment test our confidence level while trying to decipher our faith in how well we can carry out the task. Be confident.

They say- ” First impression is the last impression”. The impression we create can mark our place in an interview. Present yourself well. Good Luck!!

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