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Are you a horror Enthusiast? Here are 5 haunted places that are not for the faint of hearts! Assam can give you a nice scare too

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Assam, a state in the North-Eastern part of India that is surrounded by scenic hills and valleys. It is a state known for its diverse population and the diverse culture, the world famous tea, Kaziranga and the mighty Brahmaputra.

However, the state also has its fair share of horror and myscticism embedded in it. From a place known as the capital of black magic of India, or a haunted lounge to a place where birds come to commit suicide, such phenomenas surely sounds straight up creepy and from the supernatural side.

Despite all the obvious creeps, horror enthusiasts would sure love such places that can give people otherwise a very good scare. For those horror enthusiasts, here are the list of 5 scary destinations that are not for the faint of hearts.


art 4 The North-Eastern Chronicle

First on the list had to be surely the black magic world of Mayong. A place of illusion. Sometimes known as the black magic capital of India, Mayong is located in the Morigaon district of Assam. It is close to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and is easy to reach from Guwahati. We have often heard that people in the ancient days would come here to learn dark magic which subsequently even held the power of turning a man into an animal. Strange and creepy tales of the dark arts surrounds the villages which makes the blanket of mystery the place is shrouded in the more the thicker. For horror enthusiasts, it is probably a good place to start their expedition, from the captial of black magic itself.


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Termed as one of the scariest places in Assam, it is a camping site near Nameri Forest reserve. Visitors have often reported strange happenings and unexplained occurrences. Which includes the sound of bamboos falling and hearing of a lady laughing. However, after investigations neither anybody finds anything nor anyone has seen the lady eye to eye. Even though this place is not a happy sunday picnic place for everyone, it is surely a feast for horror lovers.


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With neighbouring residents claiming of hearing weird noises, screams, crying noises and other inexplicable sounds coming from inside this deserted, old building, a lounge in Jorhat has surely created a lore of its own. Visitors claimed to have found strange marking inside the lounge which is suspected have something to do with evil spirits and demons. It’s terror has spread so much that presently no one goes inside the lounge after sun down.


nagaon The North-Eastern Chronicle
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An abandoned house with a dark backstory is pretty much enough to mark it as haunted. In an abandoned house adjoining Tarun Phukan Road in Nagaon is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a teenager who was supposedly raped and murdered in that house. Now, if she’s still out there haunting, out for revenge, only one way to find out.


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A popular picnic at the vicinity of Guwahati city during the day time with scenic natural elements, turns into silent, spooky place after dark. With beliefs that the highway stretch that passes through that area is haunted, even the bravest of hearts doesn’t dare go there after nightfall. According to the locals, the place is haunted by an evil witch and also has complained about hearing unnatural sounds.

All in all, Assam have a tons of such places or spots whose lores are enough to scare the daylight out of the faint hearted. But horror enthusiasts are surely welcome to try test their mettle.

Visual by: Raysham Powdel

Article by Puhar Pallab Baruah, The North-Eastern Chronicle

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