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Are You A Self-Obsessed Travel Addict? Have A Look at these destinations Before You Walk Down The Aisle

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The desire to be self-reliant and the yearning to travel the unknown by oneself is a goal of every person. The idea of traversing through a town unaccompanied by others gives us a sense of privilege and autonomy in our own lives. Solo-travelling can be scary but it leaves you with an enormous amount of courage and ascendancy. Establishing a good time bachelor needs a great blend of landscape, things to do and as one would expect, a great nightlife. The world is your oyster but where do you begin? Fellow solo traveler and my dear “yet to get married’s”, here are a few suggestions to roam the corners of the world where you feel alive and nature embraces you.


Apart from the serenity of beaches, Goa is a great tourist destination, especially for the Bachelor’s and of course one of the most visited tourist destinations of the nation. It is widely known as India’s party district up to 7,000 bars across the state to choose from, and plenty of cheap alcohol. It is known for its pristine beaches. The best coastal retreat you can provide yourself with sights of shining sands and blue waters with a sparkling sun in the backdrop. And, if you’re a Bollywood fan, then you should give it a spin. A lush green scenery borders the golden coastline although it is the smallest state in the country, but the best place to dive in as a solo traveler before you get hitched. 

Las Vegas

People often call this city a “Sin City” as it is a paradise for guilty pleasures and unabridged amusement. The city bills itself as the “entertainment capital of the world” and the perfect place to be for high-stakes gambling, magnificent live entertainment, elite shopping, fine dining, and VIP clubbing. If you like partying, MGM Grand Hotel’s seven-acre pool complex will make you indulge in ice-cold beverages while sitting at a 95-foot (28.96 m) marble-topped bar. As the night draws in, the strip buzzes with exhilaration. The city has parties going on everywhere so you need to get out of your comfort zone and it’ll be worth your while to meet new people effortlessly.


Obonjan is a private uninhabited island and a fully equipped resort located about 5 km from the mainland near the town of Šibenik and the Kornati Islands. A 136-acre private island off the coast of Croatia, providing scenic views of the Adriatic sea and the perfect place for vacations, events, workshops, workation, and business and extremely ideal for shows, concerts, festivals, and parties extending until dawn. The beautiful sunsets at the Westharbour Bay or breathtaking stargazing at South Beach are something to die for. The accommodations are quite specific to Obonjan such as Sun Lodges, Forest Lodges, Bell Tents, and many more. Indeed the one amongst your bucket list.


Bangkok has a distinct allurement and a combination of grace and high energy, one that draws single guys to it. The central travel hub for those who would like to go to the beaches at Koh Samui or Pattaya or to visit the North like Chiang Mai. There’s a blend of cultural sights to go to, and getting around whether by boat on the city’s canals or by light rail throughout the streets is a must-visit. The nightlife here is world-renowned and the elements of it make it a magnet for those interested in the adult spree which is present but not openly promoted by officials. Nightclubs such as Vertigo at Banyan Tree which offers a spectacular view of the city at night from its rooftop space and the Route 66 nightclub on the popular Royal City Avenue which is one of the city’s most stunning spots.


Siargao Island, an island in the Philippines that is mostly known as the “Surfing capital of the Philippines” is a water-lover and general adventurer’s dream. You can go on a little solo motorbike adventure, as the roads are mostly flat and easy. It is also a surfer’s paradise with a playful soul to it, so if you are a surfing enthusiast, or have been thinking of picking it up, Siargao is perfect. The island’s popularity is growing rapidly, but the atmosphere remains laidback and relaxing and a perfect place to meet others as to be by yourself. A calming retreat on the water’s edge is all you need when you’re bone-tired.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia comprises more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, stretching for more than 2,000km. It is internationally known for Diving, Snorkeling, and Wildlife watching. The overwater bungalow was created in French Polynesia and is our home that was first created in the ’60s on the island of Moorea and the home to the world’s only coral atoll vineyard. The perfect place where the locals immediately treat you as though they know you, the environment is preserved and treasured by the locals, and you can come back to yourself, and the people are warm and friendly and some of the sweetest people to spend time with. They have this welcoming aura that reflects upon your visit which will make you stopover the place.


The third-largest city in Germany is known as the “most liveable city in the world”. It’s an ideal place to spend time for the men out there, being a major hub for culture, arts, technology, and many more. Munich is dragging oneself along with breweries and beer gardens. You can make a day out of mingling with locals and trying out some of the finest lagers in existence as a solo traveler. The city is known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and its beer halls. In the historic Viktualienmarkt food market, eat local and gourmet cuisine to taste the star of the heavens.


Amsterdam is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system, and narrow houses with gabled facades and is one of the most expensive places to live in Europe. Amsterdam is known for its historical attractions, its collections of great art, and the distinctive color and flavor of its well-preserved old sections. Museumplein is in Amsterdam’s well-heeled Oud-Zuid district, noted for its plush properties, upmarket boutiques, and the city’s favorite park at Vondelpark. At 800,000 there are as many bikes as people in the center of Amsterdam, and the most cycle-friendly city in the world for its easy terrain and well-planned infrastructure and is lauded for having the best red-light district in the world.


Dublin, capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is a warm and welcoming city, known for the friendliness of its people and famous for its craic/crack; the mixture of repartee, humor, intelligence, and acerbic and deflating insight that has attracted writers, intellectuals, and visitors for centuries. The vast amount of pubs and a robust music site energizes the core of you and has entrenched itself as a city for the young, with half of its citizens being 25 and under which means there’s a multitude of new and hopefully lifelong friends to meet while there for solo-traveling.


Montreal often referred to as the “Paris of North America” is an attractive metropolis and a veritable playground for single people. The incomparable places make it one of the finest cities in the world, the quintessential shopping in the Underground City. Cabaret Mado delivers the city’s wildest evenings of drag performances. The multiple street fairs during the year reveal all kinds of activities, shopping opportunities, music, food, and drinks to take in. Wander through the streets and have your best experience in Montreal as a solo traveler.


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