Monday, October 18, 2021

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Shocking! “#Arrest Swara Bhaskar” trends on Twitter after her tweet on Taliban terror

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Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar is very active on Twitter. She used to make her stand and share her perceptions on every issue. But this time the actress has found it costly to take a stand. Swara recently tweeted about Taliban terror following which ‘Arrest Swara Bhasker’ is trending on Twitter.

What was the tweet about?

She tweeted that “We can’t be okay with Hindutva terror & be all shocked & devastated at Taliban terror.. & We can’t be chill with #Taliban terror; and then be all indignant about #Hindutva terror! Our humanitarian & ethical values should not be based on identity of the oppressor or oppressed”.

According to reports, Swara Bhaskar in her tweet is comparing Taliban terror in Afghanistan with Hindutva in India. 

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How the netizens are reacting to it?


Regarding Swara Bhaskar’s controversial tweet One user reacted by saying: “Arrest Swara Bhaskar, she hurt our sentiments.” Another user wrote: Arrest Swara Bhaskar for insulting Hindutva. Hindus have never enacted any terrorist Act.

Another user wrote: Swara Bhaskar should be arrested and sent to Afghanistan so that she can be hosted by the Taliban. Then she will know the difference between Indians and the Taliban is.

Bharatiya Janata Party member Amit Kalraj’s reaction

Retweeting Swara Bhaskar’s tweet Amit Kalraj has tweeted ” We are demand arrest Swara Bhaskar. Demand you?

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