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Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?


Article by: Plabita Chakraborty, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Raysham Powdel

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What is actually artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is generally referred with marketing or technical hype, where big sets of data perform intelligent tasks.

It entered the scene of computer science in early 1950s when computer started learning checkers strategies and speaking English. This field has probably made remarkable progress with more developed system of technology. It also performs tasks normally requiring human intelligence, decision making and many others.


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Now let’s take a look how the artificial intelligence is portraying boon or bane:

1. Easy availability with high cost of productivity

The biggest advantage of the artificial intelligence is that it can be easily accessed by one and all. Unlike humans, it can work without any stress and also doesn’t compromise with the quality of output and never complaints with the work load.

While on the other hand, it produces a lot of huge costs of machines which are highly complex and intricate. The maintenance however is very much higher which a bane on the productivity definitely.

2. Helps in error reduction but also reduces value of experience

One of the greatest aids in the world of artificial intelligence is that it reduces the error of management and carries out tasks with great precision without much discomfort.

It however leaves no room for errors and mistakes and also remove the risk of human error. It is thus a very important function that has reached success globally.

However, only pros are not there in any system, there are cons as well. Humans have become fully dependent on the performance and experience on the machines which has greatly reduced the value of human experience and knowledge.

3. it is a safe and efficient in security services

The world is developing and so is the artificial intelligence which is taking over. And due to the presence of artificial intelligence all our activities have been made safe and secured.

It helps in detecting the fraud system and helps keeps a record of every action of individuals by the biometric system, which helps us keep information safe and sound and also maintains a complete track of it.

But the question arises is that, is only being effective in safety and security enough for a system to function effectively or there needs to be more effective ways of building the system for more tight security reasons?

4. Is Artificial intelligence is posing threat to humanity?

Not to forget the inventor of artificial intelligence is human itself! Keeping that in mind is it possible that artificial intelligence is posing a threat to humanity? But the thing is that it is completely upon us how we take the matter and use things.

If we utilize it effectively, definitely we will have the positive impact of the system, but if we take things in a wrong manner and misuse the advantages provided to us, we will definitely fall prey and it will hamper us in the long run.

It we are smart enough no technology can take over us and we will definitely have fruitful results. It is under our control and the power to pull the plug of empathy.

5. Provides digital assistance but no employment?

Digital assistance helps to reduce manpower and helps a lot in quick and efficient way of doing work. But is the factor of digital assistance is leading to unemployment?

Yes definitely! There has been a growing concern of rising unemployment among the masses as the digital world is taking over us. Abusing the benefits of AI and overusing it is making humanity highly dependent on the machines and thus no desire of manpower. This is obviously leading to unemployment.

Thus, it can be seen that everything is changing and evolving with the developing time and the humans are also adapting to the changes and paving way to it. Now you decide, whether artificial intelligence is a boon or bane in the growing world?

From asking alexa to turn off AC to using goggle maps to discovering different locations, which we were not aware of; artificial intelligence has played a great role. Has it really changed our life for better? You decide!


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