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Artistic Wonder! Baksa Youth Makes it to Assam Book Of Records ; Stitches a poem of Sankardev in Gamocha

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Srimanta Sankardev was a great Assamese poet and scholar and his influence on Assam’s culture cannot be denied. Jyotish Sarania, a youth from Baksa and also a teacher of Nalbari ME School has proudly registered his name in the Assam Book of Records with a beautiful tribute to the legendary saint. Sarania stitched the immortal poem ‘Karatala kamala, kamala dala nayana’ by Srimanta Sankardev on a gamocha with needle and thread and made the heartfelt record.

Sarania was a student in Moidyashri Music College and received a diploma in Fine arts. His association with picture painting did not stopped him from being skilled in needlework. Reportedly, a good teacher and a follower of life’s philosophy of Srimanta Sankardev, Jyotish decided to stitch the poem in the gamocha presented to him by his students to keep their memory alive.

Sarania completed his artistic work successfully within 24 hours. Later, he was given the due recognition and Assam Book of Records registered his name. Sarania being an artist, has now set his eyes for the next level, that is to record his name in the Indian Book of Records.

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