In Arunachal Pradesh’s Dahung a team of army doctors performed complex surgeries to save the life of a mother and child in a military hospital. On Wednesday, locals expressed their gratitude to the armies for saving their lives.

“In the challenging times of COVID-19, Indian Army Doctors saved the precious life of a mother and child by performing complex surgery at Dahung, Arunachal Pradesh. Locals expressed their gratitude for the timely assistance,” the Army tweeted. Netizens are too highly admired for the valor and professionalism of the Army.

Dr. Sheikh Aamina, a Twitter user, commented “Gratitude” on the post.
Another Twitterati, Uttam Kumar Sharma said, “Incredible feat by the Team, the Surgeon and Anaesthesiologist in trying times and crunching resources. Two precious lives saved…..Well done.”


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