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Arunachal Pradesh: District Collector comes up with Brilliant initiative; Sets up Covid care bank with money collected from those who violate SOPs

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A district collector from Arunachal Pradesh comes up with a great idea of utilizing the fine received into free medical services for needy people. Dr. Kinny Singh is heading the administration of East Siang, Arunachal Pradesh.

Well, the initiative has also been supported by Vision IAS, a premium coaching institute as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. She stated, “The Covid Care Bank has been set up by the fine amount collected by the administration during Covid appropriate behavior enforcement in the district. An amount of 3.24 Lakhs has been collected for those violating Covid Sop’s.”

Many people are seen violating and not confirming to the rules set by the Govt in handling Covid. And the concerned authorities levy charges on them. Such money collected has been used in this initiative. This even calls for transparency of the money collected as fine from the violators.

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