Yade Dujom is one of the few woman entrepreneurs in Arunachal Pradesh’s capital Itanagar, who launched her Arunachal Pickle House in February this year. She belongs to a small village called Lenyi in Arunachal Pradesh’s Subansiri district and was brought up by her grandmother after her mother’s death.

Her story is quite inspirational. Brought up by her maternal grandmother and later, ill-treated by her stepmother, she has managed to beat the odds against her by being always positive about a bright tomorrow.

She even worked as a social worker and a private school teacher before starting her pickle-making business. “Curtailing my daily personal expenses, I started saving a small amount every month. Eventually, I got myself trained in food processing, label making, and the usage of preservatives. I learned the basics of pickle making from some women in Manipur sometime back and later, underwent proper training in Arunachal,” Yade says.

Jade’s Arunachal Pickle House has helped her along with some other housewives to become independent. Through her small business, she was able to help about eight housewives. “I had seen many depressed housewives. They were poor and their daily needs were not fulfilled. There was also some unemployed youth I knew. So, I wanted to do something for all of them,” she added.


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