The third wave is turning into a grim reality as the state task force on Covid-19 has warned that the third wave could hit Maharashtra—or Mumbai— within the next two to four weeks, based on the crowding seen in the last three days.

However, it said those who will probably be affected will be the lower middle class who haven’t been infected yet, while it won’t affect children as much. On Wednesday, these predictions were made as part of a meeting chaired by CM Uddhav Thackeray to review preparations for the projected third wave. The meeting included task force members, the state health minister, and senior bureaucrats.

As per the data presented in the meeting, the total number of cases in the third wave might be double than those in the second wave, with active cases reaching 8 lakh (active cases as of Wednesday were 1.4 lakh). It also stated that 19 lakh cases were reported in the first wave, which soared to 40 lakh in the second wave. It is assumed that 10% of the total cases will come from children or young adults, the same as in the first two waves.

However, in a recent update, Shashank Joshi, Member of Maharashtra COVID Task Force, says it’s not true that the task force mentioned 3rd #COVID wave hitting in 2-4 weeks. He also mentioned that it is difficult to say whether the third wave will be less or more severe than the second wave.


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