By taking a motive of increasing oxygen in the atmosphere, a nine-year-old boy in Cachar district of Assam has initiated planting nearly one thousand saplings after hearing of many Covid-19 patients struggling due to lack of oxygen.

The boy is Abhinab Deb, a 3rd standard student from Delhi Public School, Silchar unit from Borjalenga area under Assam’s Dholai constituency.

Abhinav is a tree-lover and never allows the felling of any tree at his house or the neighbouring areas. Ever since he heard about issues of lack of oxygen among the Covid-19 infected patients, he pledged to increase oxygen in the atmosphere by planting trees. He has also requested his parents to help him protect the saplings.

The nine-year-old said, “I have heard that people are dying because of lack of oxygen. My teachers have said that trees are the only source of oxygen and we can increase oxygen by planting and preserving the trees. I want to protect each and every tree in our area and would also like to plant more and more. I have started planting saplings on my birthday and this will go on still I make my entire area full of valuable trees”.


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