Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Assam cabinet meeting: Major decisions taken; Read to know

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Several crucial decisions were made at the weekly Assam Cabinet meeting, which was led by Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma. 

Conversion of Allotment Certificates to Periodic Pattas in rural areas, as well as simplifying land transfer in tribal belts/blocks in Kamrup and Kamrup (M) districts, are among the significant decisions.

Periodic Patta in rural areas

– Within three years of allotment, approval for the conversion of an allotment certificate to a periodic patta in rural areas. 

– Cases of conversion that have not completed the mandated term of years for receiving periodic patta to be included in Mission Basundhara, subject to the condition that the land allocated has not been transferred and is being used only for the purpose for which it was allotted. 

– This term of relaxation for converting from an Allotment Certificate to a Periodic Patta will only apply to Mission Basundhara.

Simplifying land transfer

– DCs of Kamrup (M) and Kamrup to allow land transfers in Protected Belts/Blocks without the approval of the government. 

– Paragraph 17.5 of the Land Policy, 2019 will be eliminated in the Protected Belts/Blocks in Kamrup (M) and Kamrup (K) for greater public interest and faster processing of land transfer licence proposals.

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Assistance to Priests & Namghorias

– Priests and Namghorias will get a one-time award of Rs.15,000 each. An online registration gateway will be launched, with details to be announced later.

Food security for migrant workers

– The Assam Migrant Laborers’ Food Security Scheme, which provides dry rations to COVID-affected migrant workers, has been approved. 

– Dry rations will be distributed by district administrations based on migrant worker data from the SHRAM Portal and other accessible resources.

Safeguarding Industrial Employees & Employers

– The Assam Industrial Relations Rules, 2021, were approved to protect employers’ and employees’ rights, pave the road for industrial prosperity, and ensure industrial peace and harmony.

MBBS/BDS seats

– MBBS/BDS seats are proportionately distributed across the Brahmaputra Valley and the Barak Valley for Tea Garden communities. 

– In the Brahmaputra Valley, there will be 18 MBBS seats and two BOS seats, whereas in the Barak Valley, there will be 6 MBBS seats and one BOS seat.

EWS certificate

– Candidates who were unable to show an EWS certificate at the time of application will be entitled to submit claims at any time until their candidature is finalised in the first round of MBBS/BDS counselling. Candidates in other reserved categories were given the same opportunity.

Assam Government decision to issue ‘permanent land pattas’

Few days ago, the Government of Assam has made an important policy decision by issuing ‘Permanent Land Pattas’ to eligible landless indigenous people in the state. 

The R&DM (Revenue & Disaster Management) Department is now writing a ‘Cabinet Memorandum’ in this regard, as directed by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

R&DM Department sources explained, “According to the present rule if an indigenous landless person applies for the ownership of a particular government land then the Department issues the ‘Land Allotment Certificate’ only after detailed examination of the submitted documents.

Moreover, the applicant becomes eligible to reapply to the Department for the ‘Land Patta’. But before this move, the applicant should possess the ‘Land Allotment Certificate’ for a minimum period of three years. It is under the present ‘Land Policy-2019.”

The most recent action will accelerate the earlier process. Such an applicant will now be able to obtain the ‘Land Patta’ on the spot. The project will bring much-needed help to the indigenous people who are landless. 

In other words, the relevant authorities have chosen to eliminate the lengthy initial step of the ‘Land Allotment Certificate’ process.


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