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Assam Chief Minister accuses Congress of border dispute at Northeast India, says ‘Congress did not want North East to remain united’

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On Tuesday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated the Assam-Mizoram border dispute arose as a result of a “Congress legacy blunder,” adding that the party did not want the North East to “stay unified.


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The border dispute

In an inter-state border conflict between the two northeastern neighbors on July 26, six Assam Police officials were murdered and over 50 persons were injured, including the Cachar SP.

Peace settlement between the two governments

Representatives from the governments of Assam and Mizoram recently signed a joint statement in which they vowed to address the inter-state border conflict amicably and keep the border areas peaceful.

The two-state governments pledged to take all necessary steps to promote, preserve, and maintain peace and harmony among Assamese and Mizoramese residents, especially in border areas.

Himanta Biswa Sharma blames congress

Sarma blamed the Congress for border disputes, telling Times Now’s Megha Prasad that the Congress failed to demarcate boundaries while carving up new states.

“These are problems which have been created by Congress when they carved out these states from Assam. The clashes are between two states not between two political parties…When the border of Assam and Mizoram was designed, it was designed vaguely. This is why since 1983, border clashes started between Assam and neighbouring states,” the Assam CM said.

“I believe that Congress did not want the North East to remain united. Many people have written articles on this,” he added.

PM Modi is distressed by the border dispute

Narendra Modi 1 Congress The North-Eastern Chronicle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to Sarma, is profoundly distressed by the border standoff and is willing to take any action to settle it.

“PM Narendra Modi spoke to me right at the beginning of the dispute. He is extremely pained. He feels that northeastern states should remain united and contribute to the development of the country. He said that such disputes are painful for the entire nation. He is concerned about the country. He considers the Assam-Mizoram border dispute a national issue. He is ready to take any initiative to solve this,” he said.

He further stated that linking the latest clash to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to the state was incorrect.

Sarma’s comment on the FIR lodged against him

When asked about the FIR filed against him following the clash, the Assam chief minister said he was prepared to face any legal investigation.

“I’m ready to face any judicial inquiry in connection with the Assam-Mizoram border dispute…I even told the Mizoram CM that I can join the probe and he started laughing. We have a very good relation with Mizoram,” he said.

Sarma’s Commenting on his travel advisory

He explained that his travel warning, which forbade Assam residents from entering Mizoram, was a preventive measure to promote peace.

“When there is a border flare-up, police are fighting among themselves, people are getting killed, will you advise people to travel to that state? That (the advisory) was needed,” Sarma said.

The fight among the Northeastern states since ages

The Chief Minister went on to explain that northeastern states have been battling for their boundary since 1983, even while both states were controlled by the Democratic Party.

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