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Assam: Chief Minister meets 2012 Olympic torchbearer Pinky Karmakar, promises to help with all her needs

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Pinky Karmakar, a young woman from Assam’s Dibrugarh district who represented India as the Olympic torchbearer at the London Olympics in 2012, has received financial aid from the Assam government.

According to an official, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has ordered Tea Tribes Welfare & Labour Welfare Minister Sanjoy Kishan to do all necessary to assist the Olympic torchbearer.

Pinky Karmakar’s story


Assam’s 2012 London Olympics torchbearer Pinky Karmakar’s effort, which was presented to the whole public in social media, made an indelible effect, as did a note from none other than CM of Assam Himanata Biswa Sarma.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma met with 2012 London Olympics torchbearer Pinki Karmakar shortly after the news of her hardships came out, promising to assist her with all of her needs.

Pinki Karmakar’s account detailed how she worked as a daily wage leaf plucker at the Borborooah tea farm, earning Rs 167 per day.

“I had big dreams, but now there is nothing left to hope. After my mother’s death, I had to drop out of college due to acute financial hardship and start working as a laborer in the tea garden,” Pinky said in a report published in TOI.

Meeting with the Chief Minister

The meeting was attended by Minister Sanjoy Kishan and Doomdooma MLA Rupesh Gowala. 

During the meeting, chief minister Sarma delegated responsibility for providing all available amenities to Pinki to minister Kishan.

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Difficulties of her life

Pinky 2 torchbearer The North-Eastern Chronicle

Pinky, who represented India among 20 countries at the Olympic torch relay in Nottinghamshire in 2012, has been cast into obscurity. Her family now includes a retired father, a younger brother, and two sisters, and she is the sole breadwinner. 

The girl who was in class 10 when she carried the Olympic torch in London feels absolutely despondent on the front lines of life.

 “I cannot give advice to anyone. Everyone questions me about what I have achieved in life. The government and Unicef have abandoned me,” she said.

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