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HomeNewsAssam: Covid-19 virus found in Bharalu river in Guwahati; Medical researchers shocked

Assam: Covid-19 virus found in Bharalu river in Guwahati; Medical researchers shocked

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he Covid-19 strains are mutating at a fast pace and making their presence known in shocking areas. In a recent development, a strain of the deadly coronavirus has been reportedly discovered in the waters of the Bharalu River, which flows through Assam’s capital city of Guwahati. This has left medical researchers shocked.

As per reports, scientists from eight prominent research institutes in the country, including IIT Gandhinagar, recently administered a study on water samples obtained from various water sources, including the Bharalu. Unfortunately, they discovered the presence of the deadly virus in a sample while testing.

Manish Kumar from the Department of Earth Science at IIT Gandhinagar told the media: “Our research team has been collecting samples for the testing from various rivers and other water sources since September 3, 2020. We have tested these samples and found the presence of new coronavirus there.”

Experts suggested carrying out similar experiments across the country and claimed that the virus might survive in natural waterways indefinitely. Floating Covid infected dead bodies into waterways might be a probable cause for the presence of pathogens in water bodies.

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