Assam Cricket Association introduces infrastructure development to encourage sports activities

Grounds in Assam have been a hub of sporting and cricketing activities, but today they suffer from a lack of proper infrastructure. 

However, Assam Cricket Association (ACA) is ready with a new set of infrastructure for the sport. ACA has taken it upon themselves to provide grounds like Nehru Stadium and Judges’ Field which is a big boost in their infrastructure.

State cricket body to be ready in a while

The grounds for cricketing activities have produced some of the finest talents in the State, however, they are in dilapidated condition today. Yet coming October, the State cricket body would be ready to offer the budding talents the best possible facilities.

Around 6 grounds have been developed and are nearing completion. Regardless, how best the youngsters can utilise them to their advantage, only time will reveal.

ACA secretary’s view


In this context, ACA secretary Devajit Saikia stated, “We are developing the Judges’ Field for cricket and the wickets in the middle have been re-laid. As far as Nehru Stadium is concerned, the ACA has been carrying on work for the last five to six months and work is almost finished”.  “We have laid four wickets and in two of the soil brought from Odisha was used,” he added.

Infrastructure developments

However, not only four cricket pitches are being laid at the prominent stadium in the State but also two proper international size football grounds will be furnished as well. The stadium which hosted 16 ODIs between 1983 to 2010 was turned into a ground exclusively for football ahead of the South Asian Games in 2016. 

Also, Barsapara’s ACA Stadium has also been under renovation lately. 

Saikia stated that the quality of the grass in Barsapara Stadium deteriorates with the passage of time, also the quality of soil so they have removed the complete surface soil of the ground along with the grass and had to have it re-laid along with the grass. Reportedly, the ground will be ready by October 15. 

Furthermore he says that, the ground outside the main stadium at Barsapara has been widened and now it fulfils the requirement for hosting Under 19, Under 16 as well women’s cricket matches.

The ground in Amingaon has also been undergoing infrastructure development to accommodate as many facilities in it, including double storied pavilion, drainage system etc.

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