Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Assam enacts Tenancy Act 2021: Introduced for ease of Landlords and Tenants

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Among all other states of India, Assam becomes the first state to enact the tenancy act under Assam Tenancy Act 2021. The act will abolish the Assam Urban Areas Rent Control Act 1972. 

The Bill was introduced by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Pijush Hazarika, on behalf of Minister of Urban Development Ashok Singhal.


Tenancy Act 2021 Tenancy The North-Eastern Chronicle

It will establish a rent authority to regulate renting of premises and to protect the interests of landlords and tenants. 

It will also provide a speedy adjudication mechanism. Along with this, there will not be any artificial cap in fixing the rent of premises. 

The act will help to simplify and make the procedure of redressal of disputes between landlords and tenants. Lastly, the act also specifies the duties and obligations of landlords and tenants regarding maintenance and upkeep of premises.

Ashok Singhal shared this on his Twitter account


On 13th August, the Minister of Urban Development shared on his Twitter, ” Under the leadership of HCM Himanta Biswa Sharma, Assam became India’s first state to enact Assam Tenancy Act 2021.

The Assam Tenancy Act 2021 aims to protect the rights of Landlords and Tenants and will establish a regulatory authority for providing a speedy resolution of disputes”.

To whom the Bill will not be applicable?

According to the reports, the Bill would not apply to certain premises that would include those properties which are owned and run by religious or charitable organizations, Waqf authorities, and the government. 

The flat owners also don’t have to take the Government’s permission for the sale and purchase of flats in Assam.

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