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Proud Moment: Assam girl bags National award in National Music Contest

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Assam girl from Doomdooma’s Banashree Bailung has won first place in a national music competition.

Let’s Talk Music is a Delhi-based organization that gives a stage for aspiring musicians to play a wide range of musical styles and genres. Every year, the organization hosts a national music competition for aspiring musicians.

The event was held online in three phases this year because of the pandemic: preliminary, second, and finals. On September 5, the event which began on July 13, came to an end.

Assam Girl’s Journey to Capital City

Banashree, a native of Rupai Siding Milon Tirtha, has appeared in BA sixth semester final examination this year from Doomdooma college. She has been pursuing a career in singing and acting in addition to her education.

She was also Doomdooma College’s best singer for two years. In the Inter College youth festival of Dibrugarh University in 2020, she won first place in Jayanta sangeet, second place in biggest, and third place in the modern song competition. She is a well-known theatrical actor as well.

Several organizations have congratulated her on her victory in a national music competition.

Another National awardee from the state

Anwaruddin Choudhury, known as the “Birdman of Assam,” received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the NatWest Group Earth Heroes Awards in 2020.

Assam girl

The NatWest Group Earth Heroes Awards (previously RBS Earth Heroes Awards) were established in 2011 to give champions who have gone above and beyond to safeguard and conserve India’s rich biodiversity a national platform. An independent panel comprised of notable figures from conservation research and management, the media, and the government chose the prize winners.

Green Warrior, Earth Guardian, Save The Species, and Lifetime Achievement Award are the four categories for the awards.

Punit Sood, Head of India, NatWest Group, said, “The NatWest Group Earth Heroes Awards is our modest effort to show our gratitude to some of India’s outstanding citizens who have been passionately working towards mitigating climate change and managing the planet’s biological diversity.”

Assam girl

The internationally famous ornithologist, mammologist, artist, government servant, photographer, and author has made significant contributions to the identification and description of major birds and biodiversity-rich locations in northeast India. He is also a member of nine IUCN/SSC/BLI Specialist Groups and the South Asian Network of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group.

His work for the state

Choudhury’s tireless efforts have resulted in the establishment of at least 12 wildlife sanctuaries and two elephant reserves. He was also responsible for the creation of the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, the inclusion of the Laokhowa and Burhachapori Sanctuaries in the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve, and the designation of the white-winged wood duck as Assam’s state bird.

Sunil Kumar, CEO of RBS Foundation India and Head of Sustainable Banking at NatWest Group India, noted that the organization mostly works with communities that are intimately and integrally linked to a particular environmental community.

Assam girl

“This can be in the form of earning a livelihood from the protected areas or the problems faced by the communities of that particular natural ecosystem.”

Throughout the process, the organization tries to create alternate means of sustaining their livelihood, minimizing their reliance on the natural ecosystem. This, in combination with the law and the members’ technical know-how, aids communities in achieving independence and moving toward long-term development.

“India is an enigmatic country with diverse populations, environmental conditions, local variations, and terrains. Hence a law, action, or a rule which might be successful in a certain part of the nation might not bring the same results in a different part of the country,” he said.

Kumar went on to say that the Indian government is doing everything possible to achieve and meet the country’s long-term development goals. However, the huge nation’s diversity causes some impediments to the smooth flow.

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