The carelessness towards one’s own safety as well as of others during the time of pandemic is clearly evident in parts of Assam. Even in areas where complete lockdowns are imposed, citizens are seen flouting covid rules without a care.

In Jorhat, where a complete lockdown has been imposed from 6 July, the Deputy Commissioner has ordered that all the grocery shops shall remain closed on 12 and 13 July, respectively, which were allowed to be kept open before. As ordered by the district administration, vegetable and fruit vendors are also not allowed to sell vegetables for the mentioned two days.

Along with this, the district administration would be vigilant and stricter in handling the movement of people in the district. Police flag marches have been organised for 10 am and 4 pm, respectively, and is currently in effect. The DC also said that the police would be continuously patrolling the area along with a bus and a truck filled with personnel.


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