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Assam Medical College and Hospital offering treatment to two injured Mon firing victims

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Assam: Two of the critically injured persons at the Mon firing incident at Nagaland are currently undergoing specialized treatment at Dibrugarh’s Assam Medical College and Hospital.

Both the injured are under treatment at the central ICU, surgery department, of the hospital.

Who are the injured persons

The sources further disclosed that Jergo Koniyak and Sailong Koniyak both victimes of the firing incident were referred to AMC&H by Sonari Hospital and were admitted at the hospital on December 5, 1am. Both are male aged 22 and 30 years.

Injuries sustained

The sources said, the condition of Jergo Koniyak is critical, as he suffered bullet injury in the eyes and skull. Sailong Koniyak was hit on the elbow.

Status of victims as described by Doctors

The condition of one, who sustained bullet injuries in the head (Jergo Koniyak) is critical, said AMCH Superintendent, Dr. Prasanta Dihingia on Monday, December 6.

“We were informed that the two are civilians. While one is stable, the other is critical. We are trying our best,” said Dihingia.

Dihingia also informed further that it was the Army personnel who brought them to AMCH and later handed them over to the care of the Assam Police. “At present, Assam police is guarding them,” he added.

How is the administration dealing 

In a Times of India interview with Mon Deputy Commissioner Thavaseelan K, he said that a total of 28 people have been injured in the main incident of the firing and in other violent incidents that took place in the aftermath. The condition of most of the injured is stable.

“All of them are fine,” he said. The two critically injured have been shifted outside of Nagaland.

Dibrugarh Deputy Commissioner, Biswajit Pegu, is himself monitoring the health status of the two injured, paying a visit to the hospital and is in constant touch with his Nagaland counterpart.

“In case more people need to be treated at the hospital, we are ready to take them AMCH has all the necessary facilities and we are ready to accommodate anybody who comes here for  treatment,” said Biswajit pegu.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has requested the Dibrugarh district administration to take all possible initiatives so that both the injured persons of Nagaland can receive utmost care and treatment for their recovery.



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