Breaking: Assam Govt releases SOP for Durga Puja

A new set of SOPs regarding the celebration of upcoming Durga Puja has been released by Assam government. There in lies the rules and restrictions that are to be followed during the celebratory days.

Some details has come out regarding the same after Assam Health Minister Keshab Mahanta addressed the media. He said:

The pandals must be set up in open spaces.

Wearing of masks in mandatory and puja committee must provide sanitizers at the time of entry.

No mela or bazaar will be allowed in order to avoid large gatherings.

DCs of the respective districts will notify the puja committees regarding Visarjan.

Curfew timings still stand at 9:00 pm and mandaps to complete the puja rituals within given period of time.


Given the critical condition of Covid-19 in Assam, the government of Assam asked to make sure that all the puja visitors should be vaccinated with at least the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. However, in this case only children, below 18 years of age are to be excluded.

The Assam Government has further asked the puja committee members to take permission before organising the celebrations for puja from the respective departments. Also, the puja committee members are required to submit at least their certificates of first dose in order to organise the celebrations.

The Health Minister of Assam, Keshab Mahanta said, “Members should be vaccinated with the first dose and the second dose as applicable. The government has provided all facilities for vaccination. Hence, no excuse will be accepted if members fail to get the second jab within the time limit”.

Read the SOP here:

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