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Assam: Two villages in Dibrugarh district light up nearly 4,444 earthen lamps; pays honor to Covid victims

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On the 19th of June 2021, a prayer ceremony was arranged to give tribute to the people who died due to COVID-19, at Assam’s Dibrugarh district. At night, 774 residents of the two villages lit 4,444 earthen lamps in remembrance of those innocent lives who died due to COVID-19.

The Sonowal Kachari community in the Naharkatia area along with the villagers of Na-Khotiya Sonowal gaon and Mathawoni gaon arranged this auspicious event and took an initiative to light earthen lamps on both sides of the road passing through the two villages.

A resident of the locality, Gakul Bora said, “There are many in this world who have become orphans at a tender age. We have ourselves encountered many such cases and just imagine how big the numbers can be in the entire world.”

“This is our attempt to pray for the peace of the departed and strength for the living,” he added.

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