Assam govt prepares draft electric vehicle policy to reduce air pollution

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The Assam government has introduced a draft electric vehicle policy to improve air quality. As per the policy the Assam government is preparing to convert 100 percent government vehicles and public transport from fuel to electric mode by 2030.

About the policy and its aims

The Electric Vehicle Policy of Assam, 2021, approved recently,  and the state will aim to support the deployment of at least two lakh electric vehicles (EVs) within the next five years through a set of incentives for buyers. 

“The policy seeks to drive rapid adoption of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in a manner where they contribute to 25 percent of all new vehicle registrations by 2026,” the draft policy read. “Cent per cent of public buses and all government vehicles will be converted into electric vehicles by 2030. After 2025 only electric vehicles will be allowed for purchase,” it added. 

What the Industry and Commerce Principal Secretary said?

The principal secretary (industries and commerce) KK Dwivedi said regarding the policy “It’s a bold decision taken by the government with an eye on improving air quality by reducing emission from vehicles. It’s just the beginning, but we are getting good response to the policy”.

Dwivedi also said that from the 200,000 EVs, 100,000 will be two-wheelers, 75,000 will be three-wheelers and 25,000 four-wheelers. 

“In order to encourage people to buy EVs, the state government will give a subsidy of ₹20,000 on two-wheelers, ₹50,000 for three-wheelers and ₹1.5 lakh for four-wheelers. There will be 100% exemption of registration fees, road tax and parking fees for EVs,” he added. 

Dwivedi said, “As per Centre’s policy, by 2030, all vehicles older than 15 years found unfit would have to be scrapped. In order to implement that, we have signed agreements with two firms, one from Kolkata and another from Guwahati”.

Government will create infrastructure for electric vehicles

As part of the ‘Electric Vehicle Policy of Assam, 2021’, the government will create and develop infrastructure for electric vehicles, including setting up charging points at different places, engaging skilled and knowledgeable employees for the sector, and make Assam a preferable state for electric vehicle and as the government will invest now in cutting edge technologies, component manufacture will also be done.  The eight-member state committee will monitor the implementation of the policy. 

POWERGRID decides to set up 11 charging points at Northeast’s Shillong

Meanwhile, POWERGRID has decided to set up 11 EV charging stations in Shillong. Five will be put at public places and another six at government places.

The work for first-ever Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) has begun in the office complex of Power Grid Corporation of India Limited at Lapalang, Shillong. 

Each EVCS  will be fitted with four 15 kW DC-001 Chargers and one 100 kW CCS-2/CHAdeMO Charger (dual gun). Including the new charging points Shillong will now have 66 charging points in the state. 

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