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Assam: Youth Political Leader of Dima Hasao district Daniel Langthasa shows worse condition of 4.5L School Water Supply project

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Daniel Langthasa is a 37-year-old artist and politician from Haflong, a hill station in Dima Hasao, District of Assam. He was an engineering student when extremists killed his father in 2007.

Dima Hasao
Dima Hasao 6 1 Dima Hasao The North-Eastern Chronicle

He gave up engineering after the incident and started writing music with the aim of discouraging young people from joining extremist groups. He writes music solo as Mr.India and is part of a band named Digital Suicide.

He joined active politics in 2018 and is currently an elected member from Haflong in the autonomous council in the Dima Hasao district.

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Coming up as a Youth Icon

Soon joining politics, Langthasa has stood up as a Youth Icon among the youth in Dima Hasao district and connect with the youth masses through his music and Comical videos.

Being a youth icon, he tries to attract youth with current issues in a contemporary style. He in his videos uses satire to convey the thought process through which people like and appraise his work.

Shows worsening condition of water supply in School

In a recent video, he introduced himself as a ‘development maker’ trying to portray similar popular vlogger ‘Inglish Maker’. In the video, he gave the netizens a tour of a school that is supposed to be developed according to the papers.

He showed the degrading quality of the water supply at Lt. Nehkhoseh Singson Memorial L.P. School in Dima Hasao District. He also showed a water tank in the worst possible state that cost 4.5 lakhs.

Dima Hasao 2.1 Dima Hasao The North-Eastern Chronicle

He had said, “What the unnecessary happen.” again quoting similar to the popular vlogger.

The video has garnered more than 2,000 views as of yet and appraise by the Netizens for showing the neglected work by the government in the region.

Previously, Langthasa has shown many such neglected and underdeveloped works in the region. A few days back, he chose to walk out of the 238th session of N.C hills autonomous council as alleged media was not allowed to enter or broadcast.

Emerging of Langthasa a Youth Political leader

There’s no denying he is emerging as a youth political leader in his district and the state of Assam. With his popularity in the political also in social media, he is well-loved by the people.

As seen in his social media posts, Langthasa always stands first for the people and development of his native district.

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