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Man’s attempt to suicide foiled by Delhi police after trying to jump off from flyover

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Officials stated on Monday, that prompt intervention by the Delhi Police prevented a 42-year-old man from dying by suicide jumping off the Andrews Ganj overpass in New Delhi. They claimed the man, who is a food delivery executive, is originally from Almora in Uttarakhand and has been living in Delhi for almost four years.

According to authorities, he came to the flyover on Sunday evening to try suicide after drinking with a buddy.

While patrolling the area at 6 p.m, Kotla Mubarak Pur Station House Officer (SHO) Vinay Kumar Tyagi received information that a guy was attempting to jump from the Andrews Ganj flyover. He quickly notified the local employees, as well as the motorcycle patrolling team and the PCR unit.

What happened at the location?

When SHO Tyagi and his squad arrived, they saw a man attempting to leap from the flyover. A senior police officer stated the man was standing near the flyover iron railing, shouting that he was “disappointed with his life” and “wanted to die.”

According to Atul Kumar Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police, the SHO placed police personnel near the flyover and another team with a net under the overpass as he sought to engage the man in conversation and assured him of every assistance (South).

Meanwhile, the SHO ordered Constable Vipul and Assistant Sub-Inspector Subhash to apprehend the suspect, and he was saved from taking any drastic measures, according to him.

According to authorities, the man was counselled and later given over to a friend, and his wife and two children live with him in Hauz Khas’ Khel Gaon neighbourhood. AMP CK PTI.

Another incident occurred: Kadapa police rescued family from suicide attempt

The Kadapa police swung into action on Friday night after receiving a social media post from a family threatening to commit suicide due to alleged harassment and humiliation by a police inspector. They were rescued at their home in Chagalamarri in Kurnool district.

On Friday night, a farmer from Chagalamarri town, Midde Akbar Basha, released a video on social media stating that Mydukuru (Rural) Circle Inspector Konda Reddy harassed and humiliated his family over a land dispute in Duvvur mandal.

Mr. Basha stated in the video that if justice was not served, his family, which included his wife and two children, would commit suicide in a matter of days. According to the footage, despite his family owning the land at Duvvuru for decades, the police officer was siding with his opponents due to political pressure and was attempting to assist them. Basha further claimed that the Circle Inspector had threatened to murder him in a fight and had abused his wife.

The Kadapa special branch police, who were monitoring social media posts, promptly informed Kadapa SP K.K.N. Anburajan, who then informed the Duvvuru police. In collaboration with the Chagalama, a police squad was formed. Mr. Basha’s family was pacified and helped overcome suicidal thoughts by a police squad working in conjunction with the Chagalamarri police. The team also told the family that a meeting with Kadapa SP would be scheduled for Saturday.

Approximately 11 a.m. Mr. Basha and his family saw Mr. Anburajan in Kadapa on Saturday and told him about their problems, claiming that Mr. Konda Reddy had harassed them. As a result, the SP ordered the police official’s suspension and an investigation into the matter by Additional SP M. Deva Prasad. Basha informed the reporters that once the police officers vowed to deliver justice to him, his family felt joyful and secure.

Mr. Anbhurajan told the media that people should avoid suicide thoughts and instead contact the police by dialling 100 for help and counselling.

27-year-old guy was saved by Delhi Police after he posted “suicidal behaviour” on Facebook

The man had been posting videos on Facebook that appeared to show him planning to commit suicide, which drew the attention of Facebook’s network. Officials at Facebook felt that attempting to contact the man directly may prompt him to move forward with his suicide preparations.

Because the phone number used to create the Facebook account was registered in the national capital, a company representative informed Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Anyesh Roy.

Just before 8 p.m. Saturday, a Facebook employee sent Roy an email with details of the “suicidal activity,” and a race against time ensued to save the man.

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