Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Attempted bank robbery fails miserably for man as the staff couldn’t decipher his handwriting

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Is your handwriting so terrible that it takes steps to destroy your professional possibilities?  That is what befallen one man in England whose attempt to rob a bank backfired as the bank staff was unable to read the illegible note he had handwritten. Isn’t that a tale for the centuries? 


The man has been captured on suspicion of robbery as well as two counts of attempted robbery. After being arrested, Alan Slattery, 67, has been awarded a six-year sentence for the failed attempted robbery, LADbible reported.   

Slattery allegedly entered three banks in about two weeks

Slattery allegedly entered three banks over about fourteen days, where he would offer notes to request that the clerks hand over cash. After investigations, it has come to light that Slattery first tried to rob the Nationwide Building Society in Terminus road on March 18, 2021, but had to turn back empty-handed as the staff couldn’t understand his handwriting.

rob rob The North-Eastern Chronicle

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: “Staff at the bank later managed to read the note, which said, ‘Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s. Think about the other customers”. The police also added, “They then rang the  police, who attended and seized the note and CCTV footage from inside the bank.”

Slattery on his second attempt tried to rob the London Branch, St Leonards of National Building Society. He handed something that others would call a ‘compromising’ note to the clerk in the institution. However, this time, the accused was able to rob €2,400 off the clerk.

According to LADbible, while Sussex Police were all the while researching the burglary, they got a call from staff at a part of NatWest in Hastings.

The Sussex Police spokesperson said: “Staff at the bank reported a man entering the branch and handing over a threatening note demanding money. The cashier challenged the man, who then left empty-handed.”

After this was reported to the police, they were able to apprehend Slattery after investigating his last known address. The police identified him walking in the same neighborhood.

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He was then finally arrested under suspicion of robbery and for two attempted robberies

The spokesperson said, “A search of his address found some sticky labels identical to the label that had been handed to staff at NatWest bank, and a jacket that matched that of the man seen in CCTV from NatWest.”

Slattery confessed to each of the three offenses and was allowed a six-year broadened sentence, consisting of four years in guardianship and two years on the permit. 

Whatever you do throughout everyday life, ensure your penmanship is acceptable. Joke planned. Simply don’t do anything senseless, please!

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