Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Hilarious! Balenciaga sells bags resembling ‘thailas’ for Rs 1.5 lakh, leaves desi folks in splits

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Luxury fashion house Balenciaga has got everyone talking online for selling bags, looking like plastic bags or thailas! The fashion brand is selling the Barbes Large East-West Shopper Bag for $2,090 (Rs 1.53 lakh) 

Yet, netizens say their mothers and grandmothers have a better collection.

Shopping bags were priced at nearly Rs 1.5 lakh

Recently, an Instagram user came across the international brand’s latest collection, where models are posing in front of various iconic monuments worldwide. But what caught and left him more confused than the bizarre CGF photos is the fact that these shopping bags were priced at nearly Rs 1.5 lakh!

According to the luxury brand’s website, those are priced between a whopping $1,950 to $2,090. The Italian-made commodities with 100% calfskin leather possibly explains its high price. However, blue-red-white check patterns printed on the bag emits nothing but desi nylon bag vibes.

Jokes on ‘Thailas’


Many shares joke about if they should start selling their thailas online. However, the picture that emerged on social media got a lot of attention.

This popular item in every Indian household, the bag mostly used to get groceries or while transporting goods in a bulk, left people cracking up online.

In fact, the popularity of the big shopping bags are not only restricted to India, also not used just by people from South Asian countries, netizens from many African nations where its a common product, too were quite confused online.

This is not the first time the Spanish brand is mocked

The Spanish brand is not for the first time being mocked for its bags. In 2017, after the high-end couture brand uncovered some crushed leather bags, it recalled many of Ikea’s signature bright blue tote bags with many poking fun at them for the exorbitant price related to the Swedish’s company’s 99 cents offering.

Also the same year, they had released floral motif bags that got  viral in India as desi folks dubbed it as “kambal bags”, also selling for more than Rs 2 lakh.

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