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Bangalore man has his throat cut by Kite’s thread; appeals government authorities to ban kite flying

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In a freak accident, a person in Bangalore almost had his throat cut open after sharp ‘manja’, used to fly kites, slashed his neck. According to reports, the incident occurred when he was on his two-wheeler and the sharp thread got tangled around his neck.

The man who belongs from Adugodi, Bangalore, has suffered injuries in his neck and hand, while trying to untangle the thread from his neck and was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital.

Kite flying has been a common fun time play for kids and adults, during the Covid lockdown. While there have been many previous incidents where kite-flying has claimed lives or left critically injured.

The victim has appealed to the Government authorities to ban Kite flying. Environmentalists have been warning for decades that the Manja used as a thread for the kites are very dangerous for the flying creatures. With the rise in kite fliers, cases of birds getting injured due to the sharp thread are also on the rise.

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