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Bangladesh lifts ban after 10 years, Govt to export 2080 MT Hilsa fish to India

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A few days ahead of the Durga Puja festival 2021, Bangladesh government had officially lifted the ban and given permission to 52 organisations on ‘Hilha’ fish export from Tripura.

A total of 2,000 kilos of ‘Hilsha’ fishes were sent to Tripura through Agartala Integrated Check Post (ICP) on 30th September.The permission will remain effective till October 10.

The golden fish will be imported after 10 years from Bangladesh

The  Bangladesh Government led by  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given permission for export of Hilsa to India After a long gap of 10 years.

This export will come to Tripura directly from Bangladesh. Though the export companies will have to comply with the export guidelines of the country and pass through a testing process for exporting the fish. 

Hilsa is a golden fish that has great delicacy. And during Durga Puja the demand for the Hilsa fish is extremely high in states like West Bengal, Tripura as the quality of ‘Padmar Ilish’ or ‘Hilsa fish’ from Padma river in Bangladesh is considered of best quality.

Bangladesh produces almost 75% of world’s Hilsa output. 

As per the market demand,  plans are to import hilsa fish in large quantities from 4th October.

The government of Bangladesh has given a gift to Tripura by allowing ‘Hilsha’ exports during the Durga Puja festival. 

The Customs Superintendent of Agartala Integrated Check Post, Joydeep Mukherjee said, “A total of 2000 kilos of ‘Hilsha’ fish has arrived from Bangladesh on Thursday. The traders have imported the fish experimentally”.

He said that the Bangladesh government had given the fish a health certificate.

It was sent to Calcutta for approval and as per the results it was allowed to be eaten by humans. Hence, the fish will be exported for sale in the Tripura market.


What does the Secretary of fish importers have to say?

The secretary of the Fish Importers’ Association in West Bengal SA Maqsood said, “This year, we would get 2,080 tonnes of Hilsa fish from Bangladesh. We are expecting the first consignment to arrive at the Petrapole border in a day or two. The consignments would continue to come till October 10″.

“Bangladesh had banned exports of Hilsa fish in 2012. Over the past three years, it has been lifting the ban around this time of the year and issuing special permission to export the fish. In 2019, Bangladesh sent around 500 tonnes of the fish. In 2020, it sent around 1,850 tonnes,” said Maqsood.

What the importer said?

Meanwhile, importer Khokon Bhowmik said that for a long time there was a ban on importing ‘Hilsha’ fish directly from Bangladesh. So it was brought to Tripura from Calcutta.

But now the Bangladesh government has allowed the hilsa imports. Hence, during the durga puja , the golden fish will be delivered to the homes of every Tripura resident.

He claimed that the price of ‘Hilsha’ fish would be affordable for the common man.

If the demand is high, the ‘Hilsha’ fish will be imported in large quantities. 

Khokon also said that it is a matter of happiness and joy for the Tripura people as this is the first time since 2011 that ‘Hilsha’ fish has come directly to Tripura from Bangladesh.



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