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Best of Dil Bechara; A Review

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“Love is a kind of emotions that keep you alive even at those times when you just want to give up”. And ‘Dil Bechara’ is just the perfect example to make one understand the strength love carries even at the worst of times.

Directed by Mukesh Chabra and produced by Fox Star Studios, ‘Dil Bechara’ is the Bollywood adaptation of the beautiful and best seller novel by John Green, ‘The Fault in our Stars’. The film had been released on Disney+ Hotstar yesterday, ie., 24th July 2020 at 7.30 pm IST. The film runs for total 101 minutes.

DB3 Dil Bechara Guwahati The North-Eastern Chronicle

The film is extra special for the audiences and holds a lot of memories as people associated with the film has both their first and last with it. Where on one hand, the film is the debut directorial of Mukesh Chabra and debut film in acting of lead actress Sanjana Sanghi, unfortunately it’s the last film of the very talented, lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Thus, making this film an emotional rollercoaster ride both in real and reel for the audience and specially the people associated with the film.

The legendary actor Sushant Singh Rajput plays the character of Manny, a young man with enthusiastic and jolly personality who genuinely defines the meaning of “living life to the fullest”. On the other hand the beautiful and talented Sanjana Sanghi plays Kizie who is rather calm and sober. Amidst the difference in both their personalities, one thing that is common between both of them is the cancer.

As the film runs forward, it unfold some sweet bitter moments in the lives of Manny and Kizie making the audience both laugh and cry their hearts out. The film did amazing work in terms of cinematography, plot and settings, sound and lights and obviously acting. As a debut, Sanjana Sanghi has done a phenomenal job and was very much into the character. On the other hand, Sushant Singh Rajput as always wins heart by his amazing acting skills. One cannot say if they were experiencing Manny’s life or Sushant’s. Apart from the lead, all the other actor wins heart, whether it’s Sahil Vaid that plays the character of J.P, Manny’s best friend or it’s Saswata Chatterjee or Swastika Mukherjee who plays the role of Mr and Mrs Basu, Kizie’s parents.

DB2 Dil Bechara Guwahati The North-Eastern Chronicle

After all that is perfect in the film, few things that did not work out is how the film was tried to finish as much sooner as possible. The scenes jumped from one to another without showing much details, where in “Fault in our Stars” it’s all about living the moments of life to the fullest. One cannot wait for a scene to get over, that another jumps in with a different taste in it. The film ends in just 101 minutes which isn’t even a 2 hours film. The film missed out a lot of things that could have been some of the most beautiful scenes. In terms of direction, it can be said that Mukesh Chabra didn’t do an amazing job, but as his debut film, it was worth of praise. Editing in the film was too basic and scenes were cut midway without letting it finish properly.

DB4 Dil Bechara Guwahati The North-Eastern Chronicle

No doubt, fans wanted to see Sushant longer on screen as it was his last film, but the film was edited and cut to extra short making it just a 101 minutes duration film. I would give this film 3.5/5 stars.

Other than that, the tribute paid to Sushant in the starting and the end would make anyone shed tears. ‘Dil Bechara’ would definitely keep Sushant alive in the hearts of people, forever.

Disclaimer:This review is an opinion and prospective from one’s end, views might vary from person to person. We respect everyone’s opinion and we would like to hear it from our viewers.

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