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Bizarre Online petition calls for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to buy “The Mona Lisa” painting and eat it; Receives over 8000 signatories

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Petitions play an essential part in bringing about a change or start a movement, but this one puts the Monalisa painting, known as the finest artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci, in danger. Recently an old petition was revived and went viral.

The petition was for Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos to buy the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci and eat it. You read that right! The petition is a year old and recently created a buzz. The bizarre petition set up on change.org.

The petition has evoked some really funny reactions from people who dropped their comments, cheering Bezos to ‘eat’ the art masterpiece. “It’s jeff, Bezos. He must eat Mona Lisa or else. EAT. EAT. EAT”, wrote a user giving the nod to the petition.

The year-old petition has over 8,000 signatories. Sharing her reaction to the petition, a user said she was ‘sick’ waking up to a world where Bezos hadn’t consumed the Mona Lisa.

Would you sign this ‘petition’?

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