There are instances of politicians aiming at celebs which in times turn derogatory and baseless. One such instance is of a BJP MP from Mandsaur Sudhir Gupta trying to take a dig at Aamir Khan by stating him as the cause of population imbalance.

Even though Uttar Pradesh’s population policy has cut the fertility rate to 2.1 per thousand people by 2026 and 1.9 by 2030, BJP MP Sudhir Gupta tried to express his concern for the rising population and, in turn, made a baseless remark on Aamir Khan in front of journalists.

Sudhir Gupta said targeting “people like Aamir Khan,” are the ones responsible for the population imbalance in the country. While trying to explain his point, he said that the kids Aamir Khan had with his first wife Reena and second wife Kiran Rao were left with their own devices and that he is now searching for the third.

He added if that was the message he wanted to pass on to the world. Because despite the sharp rise in population, India’s territory hasn’t increased in the past seven decades.


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