Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Bombay High Court: Owning multiple vehicles shouldn’t be allowed for families with limited parking space and 1 flat

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People who don’t have an adequate parking space will not be allowed to purchase multiple vehicles according to the Bombay High Court.

Lack of uniform policy over designated parking spaces


According to the Bombay High Court, people who don’t have adequate parking space will not be allowed to own multiple personal vehicles. Authorities have been assigned to look into these matters after the hearing.

This hearing is mostly due to the lack of any sort of uniform policy in Maharashtra over parking areas. 

Activist Sandeep Thakur files a public litigation interest (PIL)

Public interest litigation had been filed by a Navi Mumbai resident and activist Sandeep Thakur who challenges a government notification that amends the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations Rules which permit developers to reduce car parking spaces.

Furthermore, Mr. Thakura states in his plea that the developers of the new apartment complexes do not provide proper parking spaces which forces the residents to park their vehicles outside the premises.

High Court’s statement on the vehicle overcrowding issue

The High Court says that a reduction in the purchases of new cars is needed. Moreover, one family shall not be permitted to have four to five vehicles just because they can afford it. There should be cross-checking if they have parking spaces or not. 

“All roads are flooded with vehicles and everywhere, 30 percent space of roads is taken away by parking on both sides. It is a common phenomenon,” it says. 

It also adds that “These are genuine public concerns which have to be taken into consideration to come up with long-term measures so that we do not have a chaotic society. There has to be a policy in place.”

Lastly, the high court directs state’s counsel Manish Pable to file a reply to the PIL within two weeks.

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